Thursday, March 5, 2015

NEIGHBORLY, TRUSTWORTHY, PET-CENTRIC and KNOWLEDGEABLE Pet Owner Receives Extra Care for Her Cat in Royal Oak, Michigan

Neighbor Beth was experiencing a new challenge with her pet cat, and Rachel in our Royal Oak, Michigan store came to the rescue.  Here's Beth's story:

I had the pleasure of shopping in your Royal Oak store recently. I was assisted by a very nice person named Rachel. My cat had just come from the vet and been diagnosed with territory anxiety. He had been marking in my home and I scheduled a carpet cleaner for the next day. Needless to say I was very concerned and stressed out myself. Of course about my cat but also the cost of maintaining him in my home. I had a confusing list from the vet. Rachel LISTENED and selected the appropriate products and also gave me advice of how to care for my stressed-out cat. She shared a story about her experience with stressed-out cats and told me what worked for her and what didn't; yet she still made the conversation about me and my sweet cat. She was honest about products and read each label before presenting my options. 

Excellent work, Rachel!
When I inquired about a toy for my cat made with real rodent fur, Rachel wasn't sure if your store stocked it. She offered to order it for me immediately. Then she wanted to double check with the manager to see if you carried something similar. She didn't have to do that! And it took 30 seconds! Upon receiving advice she picked out a toy that my cat absolutely loves made of rabbit fur! Rachel also recommended a litter that my cat might enjoy and educated me on the differences in clumping. 

At the end of my visit, she signed me up for a PSP card that gave me a discount on my current and future purchases. She also checked to see if there was a coupon hiding in the pheromone diffuser I was about to purchase. Again, she didn't have to do this! She also told me if my purchases don't work, bring them back. But what's better, she asked me to let her know how it was going. Rachel put my mind at ease at a very stressful time. I appreciate the care she gave me! Rachel truly cares about not only animals but animal parents. It is apparent that Pet Supplies Plus trains their employees well and selects people who really want to make a difference. I've told my friends about Rachel and I won't go anywhere else.

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