Tuesday, March 17, 2015

NEIGHBORLY, PET-CENTRIC Yorkville, Illinois Pet Center Does A Little Horsing Around...

Neighbor Sharon in Yorkville, Illinois had a two-horse problem - that is, her two mini horses needed a bath!  The Yorkville PSP has a great dog wash and, while it's not big enough even for a mini horse, manager Evan knew that they could help her out.  He told us about their experience:

Sharon called me Monday morning to ask if she could bring in two of her mini horses to use the wash.  She uses these two horses as service horses, and they visit the local pediatric oncology to visit sick children, to nursing homes, and are used in classes about horses at the local community college.  She has to bathe them at least a week before going to the hospital, but it is hard to do this in the winter time.  I agreed for her to bring the horses in to use the wash since they are small, and although they were a little too big to fit in the tubs, the floors are sloped, so it worked out well just washing them in the room.  She was so excited that I let her use the facilities!  Some students from the Waubonsee Community College attended to help wash them and learn about equine care.  She even got the “Dirty Horse Discount Card” and she will be also attending our Petsapalooza event in April.  Really fun experience!

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