Tuesday, March 3, 2015

KNOWLEDGEABLE, NEIGHBORLY, TRUSTWORTHY Advice on Puppy Ownership Saves A Neighbor's Day in Mundelein, Illinois

Our neighbor Ashten is new to dog ownership, and she wrote to tell us how happy she was that she chose to walk into the Pet Supplies Plus in Mundelein, Illinois.  Thinking she was going to have to sift through dozens of dog food choices, she ran into knowledgeable, neighborly, trustworthy Mike, who saved the day.  She walked out of the store with everything she needed for her new puppy!

Hi, I wanted to write in because so few often praise employees to their employers and I had the best experience today! I adopted a puppy today and having no prior experience with dog ownership, I headed to Target before spotting PSP in the same complex. I figured you would have a larger variety, and a healthier variety, of foods so I stopped in. I knew about BLUE dog food and set forth to buy just that until I was overwhelmed with all of the other natural options. I literally stood there for five minutes trying to compare prices, ingredients etc when an employee walked around to stock the shelves. He asked if I needed some help and I told him I was just comparing a few. Most other stores' employees would say oh okay let me know if you need me but he specifically asked me what exactly I was looking for, for which breed, the puppy's age, etc. I never expected to find someone who genuinely wanted to help me and sounded like he knew the products he was discussing. 

His name was Mike, and he asked if I had anything else for my new puppy, and then helped me through the vast toy selection, told me about some specials on cleaning products should by new furbaby have any accidents and helped me find the food and water dishes.

Mike was absolutely stellar and I truly cannot even begin to explain how happy I am that I walked in and found him - several other employees during my exploration of new-pet-ownership-land asked if I needed anything but thanks to Mike, I was completely covered. Please let him know how amazing he is! I'd still be there, three hours later, had he not helped me! I've NEVER been in a PSP and now? I won't choose anywhere else! Thank you Mike, truly! 

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