Tuesday, March 31, 2015

"Bird" Was the Word for Neighbor Who Received KNOWLEDGEABLE Information about Avian Pet Ownership

Our neighbor Liz wrote to tell us of the unexpectedly informative encounter she had with Zack, a team member at our Columbia, South Carolina pet center.  Zack made quite an impression when he painted an accurate and informative picture of bird ownership for her and her first-grade daughter.  She wrote:

I just wanted to write to tell you about a recent experience I had while in your store. My daughter is a first grader and we were visiting Pet Supplies Plus to learn about owing a pet bird. It is rare that you expect much from a visit to a retail store these days, so I assumed that we would simply be gathering information on the cost of a purchasing a bird. How wrong I was! Your employee Zack was as knowledgeable as he was kind. He walked us through every detail of bird ownership while simultaneously cleaning cages and tending to his other responsibilities. He patiently answered every one of my daughter’s questions, a courtesy rarely extended to children. I was so pleased with my experience that I will definitely be returning to your store when we are ready to make our purchase. This guy deserves a raise and you are lucky to have him working for you! 

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