Tuesday, March 31, 2015

"Bird" Was the Word for Neighbor Who Received KNOWLEDGEABLE Information about Avian Pet Ownership

Our neighbor Liz wrote to tell us of the unexpectedly informative encounter she had with Zack, a team member at our Columbia, South Carolina pet center.  Zack made quite an impression when he painted an accurate and informative picture of bird ownership for her and her first-grade daughter.  She wrote:

I just wanted to write to tell you about a recent experience I had while in your store. My daughter is a first grader and we were visiting Pet Supplies Plus to learn about owing a pet bird. It is rare that you expect much from a visit to a retail store these days, so I assumed that we would simply be gathering information on the cost of a purchasing a bird. How wrong I was! Your employee Zack was as knowledgeable as he was kind. He walked us through every detail of bird ownership while simultaneously cleaning cages and tending to his other responsibilities. He patiently answered every one of my daughter’s questions, a courtesy rarely extended to children. I was so pleased with my experience that I will definitely be returning to your store when we are ready to make our purchase. This guy deserves a raise and you are lucky to have him working for you! 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

NEIGHBORLY, PET-CENTRIC Greenfield, Wisconsin Team Gets Creative With Their Dog Treats

Our neighbor Kayleigh wrote to tell us about the service her dog Cleo received at our Greenfield, Wisconsin Pet Supplies Plus.  It seems that the team there is determined that dogs leave happy, with one treat or another! Kayleigh told us what happened when a sore mouth kept Cleo from having a little munchie before she left the store:

My husband and I brought our two dogs in last weekend looking for some pain relief products for our dog, Cleo. An associate at your store helped us with what we were looking for and we proceeded to check out. At the checkout counter we were asked if our dogs could have a treat. As Cleo's ailment was in her mouth, we said it was best if they didn't have one. On our way out to the car, the associate who helped us came out and gave each dog a tennis ball since they couldn't have a treat due to Cleo not feeling well. Cleo has been thoroughly enjoying her tennis ball ever since. It was a small, but very kind gesture that did not go unnoticed. Those are the kinds of acts that make a great customer service experience and make customers like us return again. Thank you.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Steubenville Team Gives Neighbor KNOWLEDGEABLE Advice on Dog Food

Neighbor Lisa wrote to tell us how appreciative she was to have run into Monica one night at her local PSP.  Lisa was overwhelmed with the number of dog food choices out there for her beagle.  But one encounter with Monica, and she was able to make a clear choice on a nutritious food.  She told us:

I've often visited my local Pet Supplies Plus store, which is in Steubenville, OH, and have always been able to find what I was looking for. However, my visit tonight was a tad different. I walked in, for the sole purpose of getting a new sweater for my beagle. However, as I was walking down the first aisle, I was casually looking at the dog food. With all the recalls and concern over the quality of pet foods, I'd been trying to find a new brand that was affordable but still offered my beagle the balanced nutrition she needed. It's just all so confusing and I've yet to decide on a brand. 

Monica knows dog food!
Anyway, within seconds of starting down the aisle, Monica approached me, asking me if I needed any help finding anything. I blurted out that I'd been wanting to change my dog's diet but was too confused about brands, labels and types of diets to make a decision. I told her about my dog and her needs, and my budget concerns. I asked if there was anything she could recommend or at least show me what their most popular seller was. Monica directed me to a brand she thought I could afford, noted its benefits, went through the ingredient list with me and even explaining what some of the terms meant. We spent a good 10 minutes or so talking about the product, comparing formulas and she answered all of my questions. With her help, I finally decided on the brand she recommended. I can't wait to try out the new food, to see if my beagle will even eat it. Monica assured me that in case my dog wouldn't eat it, there was a return policy and explained how to make a return if I needed to. 

I'm sorry for the long message, but I just wanted to share my whole experience, let you know how helpful Monica was and give her props. She was very knowledgeable, kind and personable. In fact, on every visit, each employee I've ever encountered there has been very friendly and helpful. It seems like they truly love animals and never come across like they're just there to do a job then leave. They appear to actually love what they do, and they make sure each customer is treated with respect. A customer can't have better service than that! 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

NEIGHBORLY, PET-CENTRIC Adrian and Jackson, Michigan Teams Make a Difference for a German Shepherd Puppy

Neighbor Jena wrote to tell us about the good fortune she had in meeting Daria, franchise owner of the Adrian and Jackson, Michigan stores.  Jena adopted an injured German Shepherd puppy when the owner couldn't afford her vet bills.  Along with the squirming, happy furball came a bunch of vet bills.  Daria empathized with Jena's situation, and Jena wrote to tell us the results:

I was in your Adrian store where I met Daria and told her my story. I am a veterinary technician at Blue Pearl in Ann Arbor and we recently had a German Shepherd 7 months old come in hit by a car. All her bones in both front legs were broken and the owner was going to euthanize due to financial reasons. She needed $5000.00 surgery and although I and another technician there started a gofundme account, we were not going to be able to save her on our very small wages, Daria's stores in Adrian and Jackson raised $1500.00 for Maizy. Because of this Maizy is doing great. Her legs are healing well and she has a new forever home with me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all who helped to save this very sweet girl. 

Daria told us, "I decided to put pictures of Maizy and tell her story at both of our stores.  In one week's time, both stores collected $1,500 toward her surgery costs.  People were so generous helping a complete stranger.  It was wonderful to witness."  We have great people working for Pet Supplies Plus and shopping at Pet Supplies Plus!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

NEIGHBORLY, PET-CENTRIC Yorkville, Illinois Pet Center Does A Little Horsing Around...

Neighbor Sharon in Yorkville, Illinois had a two-horse problem - that is, her two mini horses needed a bath!  The Yorkville PSP has a great dog wash and, while it's not big enough even for a mini horse, manager Evan knew that they could help her out.  He told us about their experience:

Sharon called me Monday morning to ask if she could bring in two of her mini horses to use the wash.  She uses these two horses as service horses, and they visit the local pediatric oncology to visit sick children, to nursing homes, and are used in classes about horses at the local community college.  She has to bathe them at least a week before going to the hospital, but it is hard to do this in the winter time.  I agreed for her to bring the horses in to use the wash since they are small, and although they were a little too big to fit in the tubs, the floors are sloped, so it worked out well just washing them in the room.  She was so excited that I let her use the facilities!  Some students from the Waubonsee Community College attended to help wash them and learn about equine care.  She even got the “Dirty Horse Discount Card” and she will be also attending our Petsapalooza event in April.  Really fun experience!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Buffalo, New York Team Offers PET-CENTRIC Nail Trimming to Jasmine (Who Hates Getting Her Nails Trimmed)

Sometimes it takes a little extra loving care to keep an older dog happy, and that's just what the team in Buffalo, New York, offered to Jasmine.  As neighbor Kathleen wrote, the positions of trimmer and holder/petter are both instrumental when addressing nails.  She told us:

I took my senior beagle to your store today to have her nails trimmed. This is something she HATES. The employees who did the dirty work were AWESOME. The young gentleman held her still and petted her the whole time and the young lady who did the trim was very gentle and efficient. I was extremely satisfied with this service. I am a senior myself on SSI so the free trim was a godsend for a person on a very low fixed income. And Jasmine also enjoyed the treats that they gave her at the checkout. I also bought J some other treats during our visit and the cashier was very friendly and chatty. I shop at your store 2-3 times per month. I will definitely return more often.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Murray's New Dad Gets KNOWLEDGEABLE, NEIGHBORLY Service in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

We got a great note from our neighbor, Sidney, who got all the help he needed when he adopted a stray dog from a shelter.  Dan in our Lancaster, Pennsylvania store was quick to assist Sidney with all of Murray's doggie needs - it was just the knowledgeable, neighborly service he was looking for.  He wrote:

I hurriedly stopped by your Lancaster PA store on the way home - I had just adopted a dog from the local Lancaster ASPCA shelter. This dear dog had been transported three days before as a stray from a high kill shelter in West VA. Since Murray was in a cold car I was worried and needed help - Dan immediately offered help - food, treats and new collar. (I planned only to get food)- I also mentioned a bath - Dan immediately offered to help me out to my car with food bag, etc., and to help me get the dog inside (I use a cane when my vertigo acts up). Dan was extremely thorough on instructions for the use of the self dog wash and stopped by to check in how bath was progressing. Dan also helped me get Murray back into car - with the front arriving with wind and snow blowing! Dan should be recognized for his excellent people skills and customer service (knowing store product locations, etc.) Thank you - you have another customer!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

NEIGHBORLY, TRUSTWORTHY, PET-CENTRIC and KNOWLEDGEABLE Pet Owner Receives Extra Care for Her Cat in Royal Oak, Michigan

Neighbor Beth was experiencing a new challenge with her pet cat, and Rachel in our Royal Oak, Michigan store came to the rescue.  Here's Beth's story:

I had the pleasure of shopping in your Royal Oak store recently. I was assisted by a very nice person named Rachel. My cat had just come from the vet and been diagnosed with territory anxiety. He had been marking in my home and I scheduled a carpet cleaner for the next day. Needless to say I was very concerned and stressed out myself. Of course about my cat but also the cost of maintaining him in my home. I had a confusing list from the vet. Rachel LISTENED and selected the appropriate products and also gave me advice of how to care for my stressed-out cat. She shared a story about her experience with stressed-out cats and told me what worked for her and what didn't; yet she still made the conversation about me and my sweet cat. She was honest about products and read each label before presenting my options. 

Excellent work, Rachel!
When I inquired about a toy for my cat made with real rodent fur, Rachel wasn't sure if your store stocked it. She offered to order it for me immediately. Then she wanted to double check with the manager to see if you carried something similar. She didn't have to do that! And it took 30 seconds! Upon receiving advice she picked out a toy that my cat absolutely loves made of rabbit fur! Rachel also recommended a litter that my cat might enjoy and educated me on the differences in clumping. 

At the end of my visit, she signed me up for a PSP card that gave me a discount on my current and future purchases. She also checked to see if there was a coupon hiding in the pheromone diffuser I was about to purchase. Again, she didn't have to do this! She also told me if my purchases don't work, bring them back. But what's better, she asked me to let her know how it was going. Rachel put my mind at ease at a very stressful time. I appreciate the care she gave me! Rachel truly cares about not only animals but animal parents. It is apparent that Pet Supplies Plus trains their employees well and selects people who really want to make a difference. I've told my friends about Rachel and I won't go anywhere else.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

KNOWLEDGEABLE, NEIGHBORLY, TRUSTWORTHY Advice on Puppy Ownership Saves A Neighbor's Day in Mundelein, Illinois

Our neighbor Ashten is new to dog ownership, and she wrote to tell us how happy she was that she chose to walk into the Pet Supplies Plus in Mundelein, Illinois.  Thinking she was going to have to sift through dozens of dog food choices, she ran into knowledgeable, neighborly, trustworthy Mike, who saved the day.  She walked out of the store with everything she needed for her new puppy!

Hi, I wanted to write in because so few often praise employees to their employers and I had the best experience today! I adopted a puppy today and having no prior experience with dog ownership, I headed to Target before spotting PSP in the same complex. I figured you would have a larger variety, and a healthier variety, of foods so I stopped in. I knew about BLUE dog food and set forth to buy just that until I was overwhelmed with all of the other natural options. I literally stood there for five minutes trying to compare prices, ingredients etc when an employee walked around to stock the shelves. He asked if I needed some help and I told him I was just comparing a few. Most other stores' employees would say oh okay let me know if you need me but he specifically asked me what exactly I was looking for, for which breed, the puppy's age, etc. I never expected to find someone who genuinely wanted to help me and sounded like he knew the products he was discussing. 

His name was Mike, and he asked if I had anything else for my new puppy, and then helped me through the vast toy selection, told me about some specials on cleaning products should by new furbaby have any accidents and helped me find the food and water dishes.

Mike was absolutely stellar and I truly cannot even begin to explain how happy I am that I walked in and found him - several other employees during my exploration of new-pet-ownership-land asked if I needed anything but thanks to Mike, I was completely covered. Please let him know how amazing he is! I'd still be there, three hours later, had he not helped me! I've NEVER been in a PSP and now? I won't choose anywhere else! Thank you Mike, truly!