Tuesday, February 10, 2015

TRUSTWORTHY and KNOWLEDGEABLE Groomer in Powell, Ohio Gives Molly a Haircut and Extra TLC

Neighbor Emily took the time to write us about Cynde, a groomer in our Powell, Ohio location. Cynde did a fabulous job with Emily's Yorkie mix, Molly.  She took the time to understand about Molly's allergies, and then went that extra step to make sure that Molly was eating an allergy-friendly food and getting all the right things so that she could be comfortable.  That was so much more than a haircut for little Molly, and Emily was truly touched by Cynde's efforts.  She wrote:

Cynde (center) with fellow groomers Dana and Michelle
We called at the last minute to get a haircut appointment for our Yorkie mix dog, Molly, at the location in Powell, Ohio. Our pup has been going to the vet for an ongoing allergy problem that caused her to have a terrible ear infection and sores all over her torso and legs. From the first phone call the people at this store were fabulous. They were so kind and caring and got us right in for the haircut. We brought her there and met Cynde, the groomer. I am in my fifties, and I remember when people really did give great customer service, not just talk. Cynde is the embodiment of the perfect employee. She groomed Molly and took care to explain what we could buy and use to give her additional relief. She suggested food that Molly could eat that would not make her allergies worse. We bought the food and everything else she needed. I can't tell you how much we appreciated her knowledge and compassion. 

We really liked everyone there, but especially Cynde. I told my husband on the way home that I barely know Cynde, but I would be perfectly comfortable, if anything happened, giving Molly to her. He agreed. That is a far fetched scenario, but you see how much we trusted her right away. We will be loyal customers. We told her how much we thought of her.   You have to realize that you cannot buy people like these They are a rare find. They love animals and their jobs, and they are very much appreciated. 

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