Tuesday, February 3, 2015

PET-CENTRIC, NEIGHBORLY Warrington, Pennsylvania Team Helps Family Pet Overcome Loss of Best Pal

Those of us who are dog owners know that they're sensitive and loving creatures.  Our neighbor Paula wrote to tell us how the whole team at the Warrington, Pennsylvania Pet Supplies Plus helped her dog, Shaka, overcome the grief of losing his best bud Daisy Mae.  Paula wrote:

Team Warrington!
I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that our whole family is so happy with our local Pet Supplies Plus store, in Warrington, PA. We had an unusual situation where our older dog, Daisy Mae, passed away in May of this year. I used to walk her and our younger dog, Shaka, around the shopping center in which PSP is located. After Daisy's death, Shaka was terribly depressed, for months, and what used to be a happy walk, was a sad reminder that Daisy was gone. I decided to make a change to our walking route and go down the sidewalk in front of the stores rather than around the parking lot, as before in an attempt to divert his attention. When we walked in front of PSP, the doors automatically opened, and Shaka was all ready to go in. So, in we went, and over the past months, he has made friends with all the staff. Our walk has now turned into "Destination PSP"! 

You should know that EVERY person working in that store makes our experience a pleasant one, and Shaka is all too happy to show everyone his tricks. I explained to the store Manager, Josh, what Shaka's story is, and he couldn't be nicer to help my little guy get over his grief. What a kind gesture. In addition to a happy, helpful and experienced staff, the store itself is so clean and well-kept, that our son travels 45 minutes to shop there. Quite a testament, if you ask me. So, thank you all for helping Shaka recover from his loss and grief in such a positive and happy way.

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