Thursday, February 26, 2015

NEIGHBORLY Owosso Team Shares in Dog Owner's Sadness

Our Pet Supplies Plus team members sometimes get to know our neighbors quite well.  We help them with their pet dilemmas, and we talk to them about other things going on in their lives.  So, when one of our neighbors loses a beloved pet - especially one that frequently visited our store - we feel the sadness, too.  Neighbor Lisa wrote to tell us how touched she was by the response she received when our PSP team heard the news of her fur baby's passing:

Just wanted your company to know you've gained a customer for life. Just recently I lost my dog to cancer. It was very unexpected and very emotional. When your staff at the Owosso store found out they not only helped my best friend with some pictures that we had taken, they sent a beautiful card with all their signatures expressing their sympathies. Now I've shopped at all the local big boxes, no one even said sorry. From now on me and my remaining pets will be shopping Pet Supplies Plus exclusively. Thank you to the staff and for you hiring such awesome people. Mere words are inadequate to express my gratitude. 

Lisa and Lady

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