Thursday, February 5, 2015

KNOWLEDGEABLE, TRUSTWORTHY Chicago, IL Team Helps Neighbor Find Just The Right Kind of Food

The team at Elston Road in Chicago made a difference for our neighbor Carrie when she needed special food for her dog.  What she got was a quality food at a good price, and some peace of mind besides.  She writes:

My husband and I where looking to improve the quality of food we currently feed our two cocker spaniel mix dogs. While we felt confident in what ingredients we where to look of in the new food, it became apparent we did not know where to start when we arrived at another competitive supply store, location of were we live in the city. After attempting to sort through the many brands for no less than thirty minutes on our own. My husband made a comment about how the food we currently feed our diabetic cat was way more expensive at this particular store than at Pet Supplies Plus. We immediately knew where we had to go, and felt a little silly we didn't think of PSP first, as this is where we shop for our diabetic cat.

Once we arrived we were greeted and quickly found the dog food section. We started comparing a few different brands I had read where good, when we where approached by an older gentleman who asked if he could help. It was a coincidence that it was the same gentleman that took the time to help us migrate through the list of foods we could/couldn't feed our cat when we first got the diagnosis that he was diabetic. With his help we left with several approved food choices to see which one he would eat. We discussed with him our dogs' needs and what the dogs where currently eating and he suggest several brands. After looking through the labels with him and talking about the ingredients in each we decided to go with Zingnature. The gentleman stated he had two German shepherds and this is the brand he feeds. 

My husband and I will be back to this particular location to meet all of your pets food needs.  

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