Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Pet-Centric Groomer Puts Dog (and Owner) at Ease in South Bend, Indiana

When we say we love all pets, that means ALL OF THEM!  Kayla, a groomer in our South Bend store, didn't bat an eye when neighbor Candy brought her adopted pitt bull and pitt bull mix in for a nail trim.  Kayla navigated pup Leslie's dog aggression by inviting her in for an early morning appointment and then putting her at ease by keeping her comfortable during the nail trim.  Kayla is a great example of all of our paw-print characteristics at work - knowledgeable, neighborly, pet-centric and trustworthy.  Great job!

Kayla with her own pup, Jake
Approximately seven weeks ago I adopted a 5 year old pit bull. Unaware of his past, I decided to take him to the South Bend, Indiana, Pet Supplies Plus to have his nails trimmed. When I arrived I met a young lady named Kayla. I explained I did not know his history and that he hated having his feet touched. She accepted him with open arms and no fear of him being a "pit." I told her she could muzzle him if she felt it necessary and she proceeded to tell me that she didn't believe it was necessary and that he was a good boy. He acted like he had never had his nails cut before but she was gentle, kind and very patient with him and did a wonderful job. 

When we were finished I discussed with her my female 3 yr old pit/American bulldog mix: she's had two ACL surgeries in the last two years, HATES having her nails done and is "special needs"--she is dog aggressive. Kayla was more than happy to schedule an appointment first thing in the morning, when no other dogs were in the grooming salon.  When we arrived today Kayla held the door open for us and greeted my dog Leslie with open arms and again no fear or judgement. She worked around Leslie so she could be comfortable while she clipped her nails even though it was an awkward position for Kayla. And, once again, she was very gentle and patient with Leslie. I just wanted you to know that it means A LOT to me that PSP does not breed discriminate and that Kayla treated my dogs with love and respect and without judgement.  Not to mention, she did a great job! All too often I'm sure people complain about one thing or another, but I want to say that this young lady deserves a pat on the back. She has gone above and beyond her job and for this I am grateful.

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