Tuesday, January 6, 2015

NEIGHBORLY Service in our Elmwood Park Store Makes Our Neighbor's Day!

Pet Supplies Plus prides itself on doing just a little bit more for our neighbors, and helping someone get their purchases to the car is just one of those things that makes us special.  We do it for everyone!  Still, we love it when one of our team members and one of our neighbors makes a special connection.  Jenny at Elmwood Park made Neighbor Bill's day when she went that extra mile for him.  He wrote to us about how it made a difference:

I wanted to write and let you know about the outstanding service I received today when I went into your Elmwood Park store. I just moved to Elmwood Park from San Antonio and I own 3 dogs. I buy food for them on a weekly basis and my neighbor drove me to your store. I am disabled and it is hard for me to get around because I have bad legs and walking any distance causes me pain. I was greeted by a woman named Jenny, whom I later found out was the manager. When she noticed that I have problems walking she asked me what I needed and she was nice enough to go and get everything for me while I waited at the front of the store so that I did not have to strain myself. There is no amount of appreciation possible to explain how grateful I am that she did this for me. After I checked out she even put the food in the trunk for me.Good customer service nowadays is very hard to come by and I felt the need to let you know that this store went above and beyond in helping me and in doing so has earned a customer. They offered to sign me up for the discount club but my neighbor was in a rush and I will have to do it on a return visit. Thanks you so much for the great service and for taking the time to help out the disabled.

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