Thursday, January 8, 2015

NEIGHBORLY, KNOWLEDGEABLE Lyndhurst Team Member Makes Neighbor's Skunky Day Better

Any dog owner knows the dread that our neighbor Mary felt that day when her dogs tore out the back door and went after a skunk.  That skunk always gets the last laugh, doesn't he?!  Not knowing exactly what to do with her stinky pups, Mary got on the phone and ended up with the perfect solution - coming to bathe her dogs in the Lyndhurst, Ohio store before it even opened up for business.  Assistant Team Leader Mark did everything he could to make Mary's bad morning better, and Mary told us all about it:

It is with great pleasure I write this letter about Mark, the assistant manager at Pet Supplies Plus. On Thursday at 5 am, I let my dogs outside in the backyard, when they decided to go after a skunk. Both got sprayed. I called Pet Supplies Plus to get an appointment in the grooming department and they were all booked and couldn't help me. I then talked to Mark, he said I could come to the store before the store even opened to wash my dogs. When I arrived he was so helpful! He picked out the shampoo and took me to the area where you wash your dogs. He explained how to do-it-yourself in great detail. I was so pleased with his kind and attentive service. He made suggestions that would help me get the the rest of the odor off my dogs. I think Mark went over and above, being a manager and helping me that day. I will NEVER shop anywhere else for my dogs. It is not often people go that extra mile, just because. Many thanks for having an employee like Mark. 

With deepest appreciation, Mary

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