Thursday, January 22, 2015

KNOWLEDGEABLE Willowick, Ohio Team Member Gives a Senior Boxer a New Appetite for Life

Neighbor Angela took time to write us a wonderful note about Melissa in our Willowick, Ohio store.  We could go on and on telling you what a great job Melissa did helping out 11-year-old boxer Tyson, but Angela did such a great job, we'll just let you hear it from her:

I walked in your Willowick, Ohio store, and I was quite sad. I spoke to three people at the counter and asked if they had someone knowledgeable with senior dogs. The other store associates were smiling very kind, gentle and the all agreed that Melissa would be the best one to help me. 

What a true GEM Melissa is. She greeted me, listened to me, comforted me and then she got to work! I explained to her I have an 11 yr old boxer. He's old, slow moving, and recently dropped a lot of weight. I explained to her that I feed him once in the morning and once in the afternoon but he recently is getting thin and really won’t finish his food. Too thin! I began to cry. She comforted me and suggested I take him to the vet. I told her that I was too scared because they would want to put him down and he is underweight. She explained that being a boxer he probably did have massive muscle and in his senior years has lost that, that could be why I was seeing him as thin. Once I dried my tears and gave her a smile, she got right to work!

Melissa carefully looked at labels on the dog food. She explained what she was looking for in the labels and ultimately recommended puppy food to fatten him up.  She personally walked me all the way to the checkout and throughout the entire store, she was extremely encouraging all the while explaining to me that to try this meal plan, once in the morning, once in the afternoon and once before I go to bed, and if it doesn’t work once he completes this bag of food to come back and we would try something different. 

When leaving your store I had a huge smile and a nice pep in my step and couldn't wait to get home to Tyson! Once home, I set the dry food on the kitchen floor while hauling in my other purchases, I came back in and he was sniffing the bag. I mixed the puppy canned food, a tablespoon of pumpkin and added the vitamins to his food as Melissa suggested. 

I set the food on the kitchen floor only to notice Tyson gobbling it down! I had to put some of it on a spoon towards the end because he couldn't get it all. About a hour later he was whining at the bag on the counter. He even put his front paws on the counter and tried to swipe the bag. I gave him more. He slept great last night and he was finally snoring which I hadn't heard in months! Tyson and was up and at 'em before I was this morning. This is highly unusual because typically I have to wake Tyson up and encourage him to get off the couch and go outside.

I let him out and when he came in while I was making my coffee he did the same thing with the bag on the counter. I just laughed and poured him another bowl this morning and he ate it all again!

I saw a huge improvement in Tyson after one feeding and an extra helping last night since he was so happy about eating it.  Melissa was so comforting, pleasant, understanding and kind. Thank you for having her at your location to serve a distraught customer such as myself. You have an exceptional employee in Melissa! She has real talent towards her customers and her caring nature and willingness to engage with me as a customer is profound and exceptional!

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