Tuesday, January 27, 2015

KNOWLEDGEABLE Oak Lawn Team Member Locates Hard-to-Find Food for Neighbor's Dog

Neighbor Donna took time to write us about Lenya in our Oak Lawn store, who turned over every rock to find the food she wanted for her dogs.  Kudos to Lenya for going above and beyond, and not taking "no" for an answer when she hit the first couple of dead ends!  Donna told us how Lenya has made her shopping so much more convenient:

We wanted to take the time and commend an employee of Pet Supplies Plus at the Oak Lawn store. Her name is Lenya, and she truly went above and beyond and did what other employees were unable to do.

We have two whippets, and a few years back we lost one of our whippets to tainted dog food. We thought we were informed pet owners buying quality dog food, however after the death of our whippet we did the research and found that a large majority of dog food contains mostly imported (from China) ingredients. We wanted something we could trust with no China-imported ingredients. That was a difficult search!

We have been extremely happy with the dog food we decided on. However it proved to be very difficult to find, for years we made road trips to Wisconsin to get it, then found a store in Indiana. We recently found a location in Naperville, IL that would order it for us. Many times I have called Pet Supplies Plus in Oak Lawn and asked them if they could order it for us, but was always told they could not get it. But on our most recent visit we were lucky enough to speak to Lenya, who took the information and worked hard on getting it for us. She called to tell us she did find a distributor that could get it and I must say after 10+ years of travel I am so grateful to be able to keep my dog food dollars in my own community.

More than anything we are committed to dog food/treats that are 100% USA ingredients. The food we currently use is just that, a small family operated dog food producer, which is probably why it is difficult to find. I know that Pet Supplies Plus is a strong supporter of USA products and this is a dog food you can safely stand behind. Lenya said she had to call many distributors before she found one that could get it, and for that we are so grateful. She is a perfect example of someone committed customer service, and care for our pets. I could not let her effort go unrecognized and wanted your company to be aware that they have an outstanding, dedicated employee.

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