Thursday, January 29, 2015

PET-CENTRIC Deerfield, IL Team Member Gets Some Sugar from Tallulah

Our neighbor Donna, who shops at our Deerfield, Illinois location, sent us the latest addition to her mobile phone pictures.  She simply wrote:

I wanted to share this picture of Aaron with Talulah. He was awesome and did a great job of helping me. Pet Supplies Plus is the only pet store I would use Thank you.

Here's to a picture that speaks a thousand barks.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

KNOWLEDGEABLE Oak Lawn Team Member Locates Hard-to-Find Food for Neighbor's Dog

Neighbor Donna took time to write us about Lenya in our Oak Lawn store, who turned over every rock to find the food she wanted for her dogs.  Kudos to Lenya for going above and beyond, and not taking "no" for an answer when she hit the first couple of dead ends!  Donna told us how Lenya has made her shopping so much more convenient:

We wanted to take the time and commend an employee of Pet Supplies Plus at the Oak Lawn store. Her name is Lenya, and she truly went above and beyond and did what other employees were unable to do.

We have two whippets, and a few years back we lost one of our whippets to tainted dog food. We thought we were informed pet owners buying quality dog food, however after the death of our whippet we did the research and found that a large majority of dog food contains mostly imported (from China) ingredients. We wanted something we could trust with no China-imported ingredients. That was a difficult search!

We have been extremely happy with the dog food we decided on. However it proved to be very difficult to find, for years we made road trips to Wisconsin to get it, then found a store in Indiana. We recently found a location in Naperville, IL that would order it for us. Many times I have called Pet Supplies Plus in Oak Lawn and asked them if they could order it for us, but was always told they could not get it. But on our most recent visit we were lucky enough to speak to Lenya, who took the information and worked hard on getting it for us. She called to tell us she did find a distributor that could get it and I must say after 10+ years of travel I am so grateful to be able to keep my dog food dollars in my own community.

More than anything we are committed to dog food/treats that are 100% USA ingredients. The food we currently use is just that, a small family operated dog food producer, which is probably why it is difficult to find. I know that Pet Supplies Plus is a strong supporter of USA products and this is a dog food you can safely stand behind. Lenya said she had to call many distributors before she found one that could get it, and for that we are so grateful. She is a perfect example of someone committed customer service, and care for our pets. I could not let her effort go unrecognized and wanted your company to be aware that they have an outstanding, dedicated employee.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

KNOWLEDGEABLE Willowick, Ohio Team Member Gives a Senior Boxer a New Appetite for Life

Neighbor Angela took time to write us a wonderful note about Melissa in our Willowick, Ohio store.  We could go on and on telling you what a great job Melissa did helping out 11-year-old boxer Tyson, but Angela did such a great job, we'll just let you hear it from her:

I walked in your Willowick, Ohio store, and I was quite sad. I spoke to three people at the counter and asked if they had someone knowledgeable with senior dogs. The other store associates were smiling very kind, gentle and the all agreed that Melissa would be the best one to help me. 

What a true GEM Melissa is. She greeted me, listened to me, comforted me and then she got to work! I explained to her I have an 11 yr old boxer. He's old, slow moving, and recently dropped a lot of weight. I explained to her that I feed him once in the morning and once in the afternoon but he recently is getting thin and really won’t finish his food. Too thin! I began to cry. She comforted me and suggested I take him to the vet. I told her that I was too scared because they would want to put him down and he is underweight. She explained that being a boxer he probably did have massive muscle and in his senior years has lost that, that could be why I was seeing him as thin. Once I dried my tears and gave her a smile, she got right to work!

Melissa carefully looked at labels on the dog food. She explained what she was looking for in the labels and ultimately recommended puppy food to fatten him up.  She personally walked me all the way to the checkout and throughout the entire store, she was extremely encouraging all the while explaining to me that to try this meal plan, once in the morning, once in the afternoon and once before I go to bed, and if it doesn’t work once he completes this bag of food to come back and we would try something different. 

When leaving your store I had a huge smile and a nice pep in my step and couldn't wait to get home to Tyson! Once home, I set the dry food on the kitchen floor while hauling in my other purchases, I came back in and he was sniffing the bag. I mixed the puppy canned food, a tablespoon of pumpkin and added the vitamins to his food as Melissa suggested. 

I set the food on the kitchen floor only to notice Tyson gobbling it down! I had to put some of it on a spoon towards the end because he couldn't get it all. About a hour later he was whining at the bag on the counter. He even put his front paws on the counter and tried to swipe the bag. I gave him more. He slept great last night and he was finally snoring which I hadn't heard in months! Tyson and was up and at 'em before I was this morning. This is highly unusual because typically I have to wake Tyson up and encourage him to get off the couch and go outside.

I let him out and when he came in while I was making my coffee he did the same thing with the bag on the counter. I just laughed and poured him another bowl this morning and he ate it all again!

I saw a huge improvement in Tyson after one feeding and an extra helping last night since he was so happy about eating it.  Melissa was so comforting, pleasant, understanding and kind. Thank you for having her at your location to serve a distraught customer such as myself. You have an exceptional employee in Melissa! She has real talent towards her customers and her caring nature and willingness to engage with me as a customer is profound and exceptional!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Pet-Centric Groomer Puts Dog (and Owner) at Ease in South Bend, Indiana

When we say we love all pets, that means ALL OF THEM!  Kayla, a groomer in our South Bend store, didn't bat an eye when neighbor Candy brought her adopted pitt bull and pitt bull mix in for a nail trim.  Kayla navigated pup Leslie's dog aggression by inviting her in for an early morning appointment and then putting her at ease by keeping her comfortable during the nail trim.  Kayla is a great example of all of our paw-print characteristics at work - knowledgeable, neighborly, pet-centric and trustworthy.  Great job!

Kayla with her own pup, Jake
Approximately seven weeks ago I adopted a 5 year old pit bull. Unaware of his past, I decided to take him to the South Bend, Indiana, Pet Supplies Plus to have his nails trimmed. When I arrived I met a young lady named Kayla. I explained I did not know his history and that he hated having his feet touched. She accepted him with open arms and no fear of him being a "pit." I told her she could muzzle him if she felt it necessary and she proceeded to tell me that she didn't believe it was necessary and that he was a good boy. He acted like he had never had his nails cut before but she was gentle, kind and very patient with him and did a wonderful job. 

When we were finished I discussed with her my female 3 yr old pit/American bulldog mix: she's had two ACL surgeries in the last two years, HATES having her nails done and is "special needs"--she is dog aggressive. Kayla was more than happy to schedule an appointment first thing in the morning, when no other dogs were in the grooming salon.  When we arrived today Kayla held the door open for us and greeted my dog Leslie with open arms and again no fear or judgement. She worked around Leslie so she could be comfortable while she clipped her nails even though it was an awkward position for Kayla. And, once again, she was very gentle and patient with Leslie. I just wanted you to know that it means A LOT to me that PSP does not breed discriminate and that Kayla treated my dogs with love and respect and without judgement.  Not to mention, she did a great job! All too often I'm sure people complain about one thing or another, but I want to say that this young lady deserves a pat on the back. She has gone above and beyond her job and for this I am grateful.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

PET-CENTRIC, KNOWLEDGEABLE and NEIGHBORLY Team Member Works Just a Little Bit Longer to Save a Bunny's Life

This is a long story, but it's a good one.  Thanks to neighbor Daniel for giving us all the great details of how team member Richard in the Medford, Massachusetts store helped save a baby bunny.  He wrote:

I am emailing to express my sincere gratitude to you your company and in particular one of your valued team members at the Medford, Massachusetts Pet Supplies Plus location. Here is why. On Monday at approximately 8:30pm my dog Dara alerted me to something in the front yard by a bush. She was barking at the bush and working hard to get my attention. Once I went over I did a little digging around the bush thinking she had lost a ball or toy. I felt a soft and warm creature I moved back some of the grass and bush and laying there were three baby bunnies.

Upon further examination we unfortunately  discovered that the nest had appeared to have been abandoned and two of the three bunnies were deceased. This was of course a sad sight to see, however I was able to find one of the lil fellas was alive and barley clinching on to life.  This prompted me to take  immediate action  being an animal lover and caretaker of sorts I sprang into action.  I began by warming the baby bunny and wrapped her in a soft cloth. I began doing some research online to determine the best course of action. I called all the animal rescues and none were open. I then called the nearest pet store which happen to be your competitor.

I spoke to the young lady on the phone and recommended kitten milk. I told her that I was on my way. She told me the store closed at 9pm and I told her I may be there a few minutes late, but it was imperative that I got that milk to attempt to rescue and save this helpless bunny and to let her manager know. I pulled into the parking lot and as I pulled in called the store again to let them know I would be right there and another woman answered the phone she said I had to speak to the manager Tim. I arrived to their front door and walked in just as a customer was exiting still on the phone with the associate with the baby bunny in-hand. As I walked in the manager said sorry  the store is closed. I attempted to explain to him the circumstance and situation even showing him the helpless little animal. He said firmly and sternly we are closed come back tomorrow. I replied, Are you kidding me? I offered to pay fifty dollars for a can of kitten milk. I asked him where was his compassion for animals? I reminded him that he is the store manager and that this had nothing to do with the store being closed it has to do with helping a selfless little animal get the nutrients and food to survive. I said to the manager it is 9:05 you cannot help? He again said no the store is closed get out of my store before I call the cops! I was beside myself I became upset and desperate and begged him to please just sell me one can of kitten milk and I would happily leave. He again refused and as his employees looked on in shock I asked one of the cashiers to please bring me a can of kitten milk and I would happily pay for it and wait outside. At this point I was outside the stores vestibule and the manager smirked as he locked the door. Such an evil and uncaring man. It became clear to me that the manager Tim did not live up to the company culture and that your competitor was not a smart place to go to help your animal or pet in need.

This is where my story becomes a positive one and I felt compelled to share. I was desperate and I know it was well after closing time for many retailers and in-particular pet stores. I quickly Googled on my phone and Pet Supplies Plus in Medford, Massachusetts appeared. I prayed that by some grace of God someone would pick up, and he did. Richard the assistant store manager answered the phone and I explained to him my situation and all about the bunny as I was driving in his direction. I  respectfully asked him if he could please help in this situation. He graciously offered his assistance and said he would not mind staying later to help  out. As I arrived he was waiting for me to arrive opened the door mind you it was well after 9:30 at this point and he had everything I needed plus some additional supplies. He was so understanding and helpful and offered some great tips. I am just amazed how one individual over another can make such a difference in such a short time. In this case the power of nice truly effected a positive and powerful customer service experience!  Richard went above and beyond and he is a superstar and lifesaver in my book I wish him much success and hope that Pet Supplies Plus takes advantage of Richard and offers him opportunities to continue to be successful in promoting the Pet Supplies Plus brand. He truly is an ambassador and leader with a dedication to his company, customers, and their pets and animals alike. Thank you for being there for us when we needed you most!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

PET-CENTRIC Chicago Store Heroes Take Pet Causes to Heart

Neighbor Kitty wrote to tell us about her consistently great experiences in our Elston Avenue, Chicago store.  Not only does she mention the very knowledgeable John, who has helped her countless times with her pets, but also Harry, who's about to start his second career working with military and enforcement dogs.  You see, when Harry was in the service he had a military dog.  Harry's dog's story didn't have a happy ending, and Harry is looking to devote time and energy to make sure other military dogs do.  Save-a-Vet rescues unadoptable service dogs and shelters them with disabled veterans for mutual healing and support.  The whole Pet Supplies Plus organization felt like that was a cause we could get behind.  

Here's Kitty's praise of John and Harry.  We couldn't agree more!

As a long-time and forever customer of Pet Supplies Plus, I am writing to you to tell you of your best store in your chain!  I’m speaking of PSP at Elston Avenue in Chicago (and yes, I know you’ve just opened a new store on Milwaukee Avenue but this remains your best!)

I have ALWAYS appreciated your employees at this location – their knowledge, their helpfulness, their willingness to go at length to educate me about the pets I am about to purchase as well as what works and what doesn’t.  (I wouldn’t have my beloved finches if it weren’t for John, who has been with the store 8(?) years and helped me decide—and maintain their health.  He is an EXCELLENT employee and an exceptionally hard worker).

But I am also writing about your exceptional manager Harry Thomas, who will be moving on to what appears to be his second career (after retiring) to work with military and enforcement dogs (as I believe he did in the past.)  He is an amazing person with such happy employees, and it appears that Harry at the helm was the main reason for their happiness.  Thank you for Harry!

But a special thank you for your donation to and making the drive country-wide.  I hope it was Harry’s influence that caused you to select that charity!  A company that gives back is one I want to buy from…always.  So thanks again!

Neighbor Kitty

Read more about Save-a-Vet's mission and the great things they do by clicking here.