Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Bethel Park, Pennsylvania Store Team Leader Helps a Neighbor Who Finds Himself in an Unexpected Situation

An elderly neighbor, Murray, and his daughter were shopping in the Bethel Park, Pennsylvania store and found themselves short of cash with the credit card they had with them.  Store team leader Christy helped them out by paying for their order out of her pocket.  What a lovely act of neighborly kindness!  The neighbor agreed, and his daughter was kind enough to write Christy a very sweet thank you note:

Thank you so much for your kindness when you helped my dad and me out when our credit card was declined the other day.  We were on our way to my niece’s volleyball game that night and were quite a distance from home and left the house without putting any other cards or cash in our pockets.  It had been a long day of doctor appointments and we were in a hurry.  Bella, Tipper and Cocoa Moe Joe want to thank you also.  I have never had a stranger show so much kindness.  God bless you!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

San Antonio, Texas Team Member Knows the Key to Neighborly Service!

Our neighbors deserve all our kindness - our neighborly-ness! - and Winnie was no exception when she locked her keys and her purse in the car on a visit to our San Antonio store.  She wrote this heart-felt note to team member Jennifer, who came to her aid in every way possible:

A short note to thank you for helping me so much on Wednesday afternoon.  I am the gal with the corgi dog that locked her keys in the car.  It wouldn’t help to say that I always keep them with me especially when I am working with Ginger’s harness and leash, my cane and papers.  But that day, how foolish to see them on the seat.  Now how did I do that?

Of course, everything I needed was in the car in my purse.  You were very helpful with your cell phone looking up addresses, giving info to AAA, and providing me with a chair.  Of course, I was quick to say “come to this store, they are special people.”

I have already shared with several friends.  You went beyond business to help me.  The most I can do is ‘pay it forward’ and continue to use your store.  You have been on my list many times for ‘Grandmother’s charcoal bones’ – only kind I use.

Again, please convey my thanks to the other manager.  You are especially appreciated!


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Is it Made in the USA? Our South Lyon, Michigan Store Team Knows How to Find Out!

At Pet Supplies Plus we understand that our neighbors concern for their pets is tremendous, and we're with them on that!  This couple wanted to make sure that their lab puppy was eating food made in the USA, and team member Jess and Eric in our South Lyon, Michigan store went above and beyond to make sure that was the case!  Neighbors Chris and Jenny wrote:

Jess is very resourceful when it
comes to ingredients!
I want you to be aware of the outstanding customer service we received from two of your associates. We went to your South Lyon, MI location this morning to purchase dog food for our 10 month old Labrador Retriever. After the large order was rung up at the register, I wanted to know more about the dog food we had purchased. Our concern is always to purchase wholesome natural products that are made in the USA, with ingredients sourced in the USA. Eric read the label, indicated the product was from a company in Connecticut, however it did not source the ingredients. He grabbed his personal iPhone and went to the company website. The website did not say "made in the USA," only that product was sourced from US companies. "Loop hole," I thought. When I expressed my concern over the ambiguity, Eric called Jess, the supervisor. Jess spent 15 minutes with us to go over the different foods and what was absolutely made and sourced in the USA. We purchased two different types of food, Merrick, and Nutro. Jess said, "here at Pet Supplies Plus there is never a risk. If you don't like it or there is something wrong, bring it back. We stand behind our products." Jess and Eric are great ambassadors for PSP! Their time and attention to detail are amazing, and customer service? My Goodness, you epitomize customer service! You have our business for LIFE! Thank you Jess and Eric, You two are the BEST! 

Signed, Grateful Customers-Chris & Jenny 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Pet-centric, Neighborly, Empathetic Service From Lorain, Ohio Team Member Helps Neighbor in a Difficult Time

Sometimes a neighbor writes us with a story that's so touching, there's just nothing more to say that hasn't been said.  Such was the case when Valerie wrote to tell us about her encounter with team member Tammy at the Lorain, Ohio store:

One certain employee has gone above and beyond in customer service.  Her name is Tammy.  My Jack Russell Terrier was injured and I was facing having to put her down, which was utterly heartbreaking to me.  She was my little girl.  (I was told I couldn’t have any more children so I got her and she filled that void along with the fact that she was my first dog and I had her for twelve years).  The idea of her being in pain and the thought of having to let her go was far more than I could emotionally handle.  I came in with her wrapped in a blanket, looking for a good soft food to switch her to.  Tammy saw that I was in a terrible state and she quickly came to my aid.  She was very friendly and informative about different products.  She also showed she had a genuine care for animals by asking to hold my baby girl.  As she held my dog she spoke gently words of comfort, petting and soothing her.

I was so touched that a stranger would show such care for my baby girl and be so comforting and empathetic to my situation.  My little girl has gone on to the Rainbow Bridge, but every time I go to get food or supplies for my other dogs, Tammy is always upbeat and ready to help with anything that’s needed.  I just wanted to give her big kudos for being an amazing, caring person and to say thank you.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Finding Keys is the Key to Neighbor Happiness for Team Members in Haverhill, Massachusetts

So many of our neighbors take the time to write and tell us about the special relationships and wonderful experiences they have with our team members.  And, of course, sometimes they pick up the phone and call.  Our neighbor service representative Barb answered a call from a neighbor who had a special tale about team members in our Haverhill, Massachusetts location.  The neighbor didn't leave her name, but her story was worth repeating.  Barb told me how the conversation went:

I got a call from a neighbor who wanted to tell us about something she witnessed at our Haverhill, Massachusetts store. She said there was another neighbor, Kate, who had lost her keys in the store. Team members Danielle and Tyler were wonderful. They got the neighbor a chair to sit in, as well as a glass of water, and then set off to look for her keys. It took almost forty-five minutes but the two of them found Kate's keys for her!

Our neighbor said they went above and beyond regular customer service to help this person and she wanted to be sure we knew about it.

Danielle and Tyler, what PAW-some neighbor service skills you have! Keep up the great work!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Pleasant Valley, Ohio Team Members Ensure a Fabulous New Puppy Homecoming

Puppies need a lot of love and care...and stuff!  When our neighbor Ashley struck out getting a cage from another source, she made a mad dash for the Parma/Pleasant Valley, Ohio Pet Supplies Plus.  Even though she walked in right before closing, she received neighborly service from team members Greg and Nick.  They shared their knowledge and gave of their time to make sure her new puppy had everything she needed:

I am not sure where to comment and leave feedback about your store employees on the site but I just have to point out one in particular, Greg who works at the Seven Hills/Parma location. I have worked in retail before and I know my least favorite (along with probably everyone else) thing was when people came in late when it was basically closing time. Well I was getting my puppy the following day and the cage I was going to get fell through. He had no problem not only waiting but helping and recommending what one I should get. He put in a lot of time and cared about what we needed. The cashier was also one of the best happiest employees I've ever seen, I believe his name is Nick.

I came back a few days later with my new puppy to get her a collar, both of these employees were there and both remembered who I was and everything I told them about the dog. Greg helped me with advice and picking out a collar and leash for her. I will never go to any other pet store for my puppy due to the great customer service provided by them.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Raynham, Massachusetts Team Impresses Neighbor with Great Service for Her...and Our Animals

Our treatment of our neighbors says a lot about who we are here at Pet Supplies Plus, and what really speaks volumes is the care we take with our tiny charges, the live animals we sell at many of our locations.  Our neighbor P.C. in Raynham, Massachusetts wrote to tell us how impressed she was with the team in that store, who treated both her and our birds with the utmost kindness:

I love this store!  Everyone that works there is very friendly.  I feel like home when I go there.  They are very knowledgeable there.  This is the only place that I have come across who actually interact with the animals that are sold there.  They will have the birds on their shoulders walking around so that the birds are not stuck in the cage all day.  I have gone into Petco where the birds are kept caged up with no interaction at all.  Birds need attention every day to survive and Pet Supplies Plus gives them all the attention they need, as well as the other animals that are sold there.  I recommend this place over and over!

Danielle and Linda and their fine feathered

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Trustworthy, Pet-Centric, Neighborly No-Growl Return in Appleton, Wisconsin Results in Happy Neighbor!

Our neighbor Amber wrote to tell us about the neighborly, pet-centric and trustworthy service she received in our Appleton, Wisconsin, store when she found herself with multiple bags of food her finicky pup wouldn't eat.  The Appleton team made good on the no-growl return policy and further delighted Amber by letting her know that the unused food was going to a good cause.  Amber wrote:

I am so happy about my visit last night. I have been having problems with my Treewalker's dog food because she has a very sensitive stomach. I have tried many brands and have back on forth with her on the bland food diet. My trainer recommended to switch to a lamb formula but I was bummed that I had two full bags of different types of food we tried. Last night I brought them in to see what they could do for me and to my surprise they exchanged one of the bags for the new food I wanted, and gave me an in-store credit for the other food that didn't work out. I was also happy to hear that the food that did not work for my dog was going to get donated. Thank you for allowing us to have this option if the food doesn't work for our animals! Happy customer right here!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Cicero, New York Team Makes a Pawsitively Fabulous Impression on a New Neighbor

Our neighbor James  may have found his new reptile buddy at our competitor's store, but the Cicero, New York team made sure James felt like there was no other place in the world to shop for his chameleon's lifelong needs.  Here's the letter in James' own words (and a picture of his little guy!):

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Oak Ridge, Tennessee Team Leader Makes a Difference for Neighbors and Pets

Our neighbor Doug wrote to tell us about his experience with store team leader Mandy in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, who engages with all the Paw Print values in mind every time she has a neighbor interaction.  Doug went into great detail telling us how much Mandy's kind words and gestures meant to him:
I wanted to take a moment to send a note re: Mandy Kilpatrick who is the manager (to my knowledge) at my local Pet Supplies Plus store in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.
My most recent interaction with Mandy occurred earlier last week. My weimaraner had been sick and wasn't interested in eating very much - it was a struggle each day to find something that she'd find appealing enough to eat (and it seemed to change each day). Anyway, she had been eating canned tripe, which the Oak Ridge store had been out of and I had bought the last 3 cans that were in the Knoxville stores. When I talked to Mandy, she let me know that that particular food was delayed or otherwise difficult to get at the time, but she looked to see if there were other brands or kind of tripe that she could order for me and get in quickly. She found something that she could order on Thursday for Friday delivery to the store. Long story short, I asked her to order some on Thursday, and my dog took a turn for the worse the very next day, and I had to say goodbye to her. I went to the store to buy the food anyway, as it was a special order and I didn't want to leave the store "stuck with it" potentially. Despite it being a special order, Mandy was very nice and understanding, and told me that I didn't need to buy it. It was a very much appreciated gesture at a hard time for me.
I wish Tessa (my weim) was still with me, and that I needed that case of food (and more). Sadly, that's not the case. The money I would've used for that food can now go towards my vet bills, which is very helpful to me.
I moved back to Tennessee last year from northern Virginia where I shopped at the Pet Supplies Plus store in Fairfax, VA. Prior to that, I shopped at the Pet Supplies Plus store in Knoxville, TN (on Broadway). While I've had good experiences at all of those stores, they don't really compare to the Oak Ridge store. Mandy has been accommodating on other occasions too - if the large bag of my dog food was on sale and out of stock, she would sell me a smaller bag at the same unit price, as one example. It's really nice and refreshing to have that level of customer service - and someone who seems to understand and care.
I lost a Siamese cat after 12 years in February and my weim who was close to 11 years old last week. I've only got one pet presently (another Siamese cat whose close to 14). I'll still be coming in for her, and at some point, I'm sure I'll have another dog. I hope my local PSP and Mandy will be around for a while! I'm an HR manager so I know how important it is to find not only good people, but also the right people. She is one of them.
Thank you for hearing my story!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Working at PSP Helps Lake in the Hills, Illinois Team Member Discover (and Pursue!) Her Passion

Neighborly. Pet-centric.  Trustworthy.  Knowledgeable.  These are our Paw Print values, the traits we look for in a great team member, the skills we impart when we make our PSP training materials available.  When we equip our team members with knowledge we enable them to engage with our neighbors in a meaningful way, but we don't often take time to think about how our team members grow as a result.  Team member Emily at Lake in the Hills, Illinois store took a moment to explain what the experience meant to her as she prepared to leave for college.

Emily: A college student now!
Dear George and PSP Team 213,

This past year working at Pet Supplies Plus has been pretty amazing. This was my first job, and I had no idea what to expect. Bill was kind enough to give me a shot, and I thank him for that. I've learned so much from working with his team. I've learned about what should go into good pet food, how to help out animals with food allergies, and dug deeper into the different varieties of foods. You've got food from Canada, raw food, and even freeze dried. Learning about all the different benefits from all these different foods has sparked a passion. I'm leaving in a few days to go off to college. A year ago I wasn't sure of what I wanted to do after I'm done with school, but after working for PSP I have an idea of what I what career path I want to follow. I love working with animals and I'm driven towards a career that helps out animals. I've met and worked with some amazing people the past year, and it makes me sad that I had to go. I've learned a great work ethic and know a great work ethic will get me me far in life.

So I thank you and Team 213 for everything this past year. 


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Elle in Short Hills, New Jersey, Helps a Neighbor With Her Litter of Kittens in a Very Personal Way

Pet-centric team member Elle in our Short Hills store went above and beyond when neighbor Diane discovered that a mamma cat had kittens in her garage.  Elle engaged with Diane in a very meaningful way when she went above and beyond to help her and a litter of homeless furballs.  Diane wrote to tell us the story:

Wow, Elle!  Great way to demonstrate
all the Paw Print values!!
I have been going to your store in Short Hills, NJ since you opened and have had nothing but the best experience getting my 12-plus pets accommodated with food I can't get elsewhere, but nothing ever prepared me for the help I got from one employee named Elle! I had a mother cat have kittens in my garage, and not only did Elle take one for adoption but she also found great homes for two more! No one is so dedicated to animals as she is. She found homes and also sold everything a cat would need to go to a new home as employee of Pet Supplies Plus in the Short Hills, NJ store. All new parents of kittens said Elle told them everything they would need when they came to pick a kitten and they actually had it in their car after they purchased it at your store. I was so relieved to have someone so informed to adoption of my kittens, such a loving person of animals. You could never have a better employee for love and sales at same time.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Grosse Pointe, Michigan, Team Member Builds Wonderful Community Relationships

I personally loved reading about this story because I, too, had a great experience in the Grosse Pointe store with Lisette, who was absolutely a darling when my dog had a little accident in the toy aisle.  Now, I work for Pet Supplies Plus, and do you think she'd let me help clean up?  No way!  So, I was very pleased but not surprised when I found out that she delights all of our neighbors with the same wonderful attitude I saw that day.  Neighbor Kim reached out to let us know her experience:

I'm writing to tell you about a great experience in your Grosse Pointe store. This town is VERY tight and the community looks out for each other. It's not uncommon for our kids to walk to the village to get ice cream. Even my nine-year-old does so. A big destination now is your store: fish,'s like kid Heaven! There is a girl who works in your store named Lisette. She is honestly one of the nicest people I've run into. She treats the kids as though they are the most important people she's ever met. She fields their constant redundant questions. She is always happy to see them-- and they tell us. We then tell our friends. She is helping to build your place in a tight knit community. I thought you should know about her because people too often take time to complain- but not to compliment. This girl deserves to be acknowledged for her great customer service. Thank you.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Even Cats With Amazing Perception Cannot Stump Our St. Clair Shores, Michigan Team Member

Dana, one of our neighbor service representatives on the Bark Line, received a call from our neighbor Beth the other day.  Dana sent along an email to tell us how happy Beth was with her experience at our St. Clair Shores, Michigan store:

John has outstanding investigative skills!
Beth called to express her absolute delight with our St. Clair Shores store on Harper Avenue! She sends a Pat on the Back out to all of the team members and loves that staff takes her purchases out to her car. She always enjoys her experience with the store, but her last visits were exceptional!

Her cats are very finicky and while it looked like she was buying the same bag of Natural Balance, the dear ones turned their noses up at the most recent purchase. Team member John "ferreted" out the issue...the bags were made in different plants and the felines could tell the difference! John found her bags that were from the "original" plant.  The cats are ecstatic and so is Beth!

WAY TO GO, St. Clair Shores!

These cats must be very special.  Telepathic?  Magic?  Whatever they are, John in St. Clair Shores has it all figured out for them now, and that was neighborly service that went above and beyond!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Neighbors with New Kittens Are Delighted With Neighborly, Knowledgeable, Trustworthy Service in New Albany, Ohio

Neighborly, knowledgeable and trustworthy advice have earned a new neighbor for New Albany, Ohio, and we have team members Beth and Danny to thank for it.  Our neighbor Janet wrote in to tell us about it, and we'll let you read it in her own words:

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Neighborly Service in Brooklyn, Ohio Makes Great Impression on Our Neighbor

Kara in Brooklyn, Ohio made quite an impression on our neighbor, Heather.  From dog wipes to check-out, Kara showed a neighborly kind of patience that left a great impression.  Heather writes:

I am writing to inform you of an experience I had at the Brooklyn location. I went in for dog food and wipes for my dogs eyes. I had a lot of questions about what to buy as I have never heard of such a thing before. Kara answered everything she could but when I asked if the wipes I had selected were safe for my dogs eyes she wanted to double check with someone else to be completely positive before telling me. She is amazing for that. Most people would have guessed, but she was thinking of my dog's best interest. Then, after someone took me to get the correct product, I proceeded to check out where Kara was the one ringing me out. I didn't have my [Preferred Pet Club] card on me so she looked it up.  When we couldn't bring it up under my information or my boyfriend's, she didn't get snotty irritated or anything she remained pleasant patient and helpful and figured out why and then issued me a new one. She is an ideal person to be working with the public, very friendly and constantly smiling. This was a few weeks ago. I just feel bad it took this long to write in about her!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Quick-thinking Boone, NC Team Helps Dog and Owner In Need With First Aid and TLC

A pet is a member of the family, and when he or she becomes ill, the whole family worries.  Such was the situation for our neighbor Kelly came in for some supplies for her boxer/bulldog mix, Calvin, after he'd had a hard night at the vet.  The shopping trip turned into an emergency situation, and the Boone team stepped up to help with first aid and a very important, 75-pound, squirmy, furry automatic carry out.  Kelly wrote:

I would like to express sincere gratitude to the employees working in your store on my recent visit on July 3rd, 2015. My dog was recently diagnosed with Cushing's disease. Due to his fluctuating appetite, I needed to make a stop by the Boone PSP for some wet food options on the way home from the vet, where he had spent the previous night on IVs. 

Upon our arrival my dog began bleeding heavily from his leg, where his IV had just been removed. Your staff dropped everything to help, including applying styptic powder, wrapping his leg, cleaning up the blood from the floor, and ensuring both my dog and my panicked self were properly taken care of. One employee was even kind enough to carry my dog to the car so that I could get him back to the vet (note my dog is a 75 pound Boxer/Bulldog mix). 

I realize that all pets are important members of the family, but my dog is my only "child" and recent circumstances have had ours in a very emotional state. Please ensure that your staff knows how valued their excellent customer service is and I hope that you also recognize that you not only have some great employees, but some compassionate hearts working for your store. I was overwhelmed by their kindness and can truly say you have a loyal customer from this point forward.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Family Meets Bearded Dragons. Warrington, Pennsylvania Team Member Jumps In With Advice. Love Ensues.

If I close my eyes, I can just see this unfolding.  Two kids crazy about bearded dragons, two parents thinking, "Ugh, no!  What will we do with those?"  Sam in our Warrington store saw enthusiasm and doubt, and took all the steps necessary to make sure that these folks understood what bearded dragon ownership was all about.  A neighborly, knowledgeable, trustworthy and pet-centric team member knows how to match pets with the people who will love them.  Our neighbor John wrote to tell us the whole story:

Sam even comes in on her day off to pose for pics for us!
My family and I have been customers of the Pet Supplies Plus in the Warrington/Doylestown area since our move here from New York two years ago. We have seen the changes in the store since that time, from employees to supplies etc. As our children have been growing so have their wants for different animals. As for my wife and I, different animals mean another thing we will eventually have to take upon ourselves to take care of (as all parents know the feeling). 

In mid-May my wife and I finally caved and allowed our sons to pick out a pet of their very own (we have two sons). We were expecting our oldest to want a fish tank and our other to want a hamster but on arrival my sons proved otherwise. They both ran to the reptile cages, something my wife nor I had ever turned our heads to notice. They both pointed at what is known as a "bearded dragon" something I never had but knew got to be relatively big. As my wife and I tried to sway our sons towards other animals, an employee whom I've seen before but spoke to briefly came up and asked if we needed help with anything or had any questions. Both of us laughed and asked if she could help us change our sons minds, we explained the situation and she was very understanding. We spoke how my wife or myself have never had a lizard before and really had no desire to have one in our home. 

As we spoke she had asked if it was okay if she could take a bearded dragon out just for our boys to see and us too. As I said it was okay, I was bitterly shocked to see how docile the lizard was (nothing like what you see on TV). To make a long story short, we ended up taking the last two bearded dragons they had home with us. 

Fast forwarding to present time, my wife, myself, (and the boys of course) love them! Its amazing to see these guys grow. We come see Sam (the young girl who sold us our bearded dragons) to get our crickets. She knows who we are and remembers what we have, she also always gives us new facts, details, and advice on giving our bearded dragons the best home possible. We all love learning fun new things about our pets. What's great is how easy taking care of the lizards is. A big thank you to Sam for opening our eyes to a new king of pets!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Saying Goodbye Not Only to a Beloved Pet, But To a Beloved Pet Store...

Haley, Store Team Leader at our Lake Park, Florida location, reached out to us recently with this story:

Recently one our our long time loyal neighbors came in to return a food she always special ordered. I instantly questioned if everything was okay, they were always consistent with food, and she told me her dog had passed. She became suddenly ill overnight and had to be put down.

It was heart wrenching to hear of her experience.

When she left she couldn't thank us enough for all of her years of shopping at our location.

This morning we received this letter and I wanted to share it with you. Our team really strives to develop relationships with our neighbors and this is a prime example of how much it is appreciated!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Incredible Middleburg Heights, OH Team Comforts Pet Parent in Time of Need

What can I say except that we here at Pet Supplies Plus work with some of the most compassionate, empathetic people on the planet?  Here's our neighbor's story in her own words:

One of our Middleburg Heights team members, Amanda, was particularly empathetic to our neighbor Rachel's situation, and she responded to her Facebook post:

Thank you, Amanda...

Thursday, July 16, 2015

PET-CENTRIC and Very NEIGHBORLY Team Leader Supports Small Local Rescue with a Big Idea

All of our Pet Supplies Plus teams like to support their communities by supporting local rescue groups - it's why we're America's favorite neighborhood pet store!  We do a lot of adoption events and find ways to unite our pet-loving neighbors with pets in need.  But in this case, team member Ruben took community support a step further by reaching out to a new rescue with some special assistance.  Neighbor Susan wrote to tell us about it:

My name is Susan, and for many years, I have been a customer at the Pet Supplies Plus on Sockanosset Cross Rd. in Cranston, Rhode Island. This letter is long overdue and I apologize for that. While I always found Tom (the manager) and the employees of this location to be friendly and helpful I would like to specifically speak about Ruben, the assistant manager of the Sockanosset location.

I have been involved in animal rescue work for over eight years. Most recently, I am affiliated with Candy Kitty Rescue. We are a fledgling group of volunteers working to rescue, vet and place kittens, their moms, strays and some feral cats. At any given time, I might have between 3 and 8 kittens and cats in my home in addition to my own 5 cats. That range applies to the other volunteers, as well. As you can imagine just feeding all of these mouths becomes very expensive. Until we gain our non-profit status we pay for everything out of our own pockets and with monies gained from small fundraising activities. 

When Ruben learned of our work he made a point of remembering me. When they recently had bags of cat/kitten food that were close to their expiration dates he invited me to purchase this food at a discounted price.  I could not believe our good fortune and I scooped up as much as we could reasonably use. I cannot thank Ruben and Pet Supplies Plus enough! I am deeply appreciative to see how committed PSP is in their efforts to support and give back to the community and to help even the smallest of rescue groups. It has cemented my commitment to shop only at Pet Supplies Plus.

Awesome way to support the Cranston area, Ruben!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Mobile, Alabama Team Does It All and Makes a Neighbor's Experience the First Of Many

Our neighbor Sarah walked into the Mobile, Alabama store, and the team there…well, they just did everything right.  New to the area, Sarah was looking for a store that stocked Buddy’s favorite food, Orijen.  She found Buddy’s food and a new favorite pet store, too, because, as she said, “we felt like family.”  She told us:

We had recently moved to the Mobile area from Arizona and we were looking for our dog food, Orijen.  We went into a pet store down the road from here but the staff was not friendly nor was our dog’s food there.  We passed Pet Supplies Plus and decided to go inside.  When we walked in, we were warmly greeted and began our search.  Now, we were not on the aisle for 20 seconds when an employee named Michael approached us.  We could not remember our dog food, but he helped us tremendously.  Since we could not remember the dog food and all we could remember was a green bag, Michael got a manager by the name of Scott to assist us.  Scott helped us in directing us to our food in no time.  Both gentlemen were super-friendly and helpful beyond our beliefs.  When we asked both of the about rescue groups in the area to adopt from, they gave us several that were always in the store for adoptions.  Although they did not have our canned dog food we use, Scott found something comparable.  But it was not on the shelf.  Another employee, Trevor, went into the back room and found it on the pallet that had come in.  We could tell that it was a stock day with all the hard work the three gentlemen were doing.  When we proceeded to checkout, Alicia the cashier was super-friendly and helpful about the times for the adoptions in the store.  She showed us some great cookies that they sell in the store for dogs.  When we were approached by another manager, Tony, we proceeded to have a great conversation and he even carried our bags out to the car!

We saw that we can in on a day they were putting stock on the shelves, but the employees never missed a beat in assisting some hard customers!  They were friendly and the fact that they took the time to find it in the back for us was something I had never experienced in any store.  The staff was friendly, helpful, and informative on everything dog related we asked.  We WILL be back to shop here because we felt like family and treated like it by the staff.  Not only do we thank you for such GREAT customer service, but so does our dog Buddy!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Groomer in Lafayette, Indiana Earns the Trust of a Small Dog (and Owner!) with PET-CENTRIC, TRUSTWORTHY Service

If a dog is mistreated or neglected, he has plenty of reason not to trust humans.  Charlie, a Pomeranian/Yorkie mix, had every reason to be wary, as he'd been neglected by his first owner, and then injured by a well-meaning groomer when his new mom took him to have his many mats shaved off.  Rosa, a groomer in our Lafayette, Indiana, store understood how Charlie must be feeling about groomers in general and put in a lot of extra effort to make him comfortable.  Charlie's mom wrote:

I have a Pomeranian/Yorkie mix that we rescued from a neighbor who was no longer caring for him. Charlie was very matted and underweight (just 2.8 lbs) when we got him. His teeth are all rotted, and he will require surgery to remove them all once he puts on some weight.

I had taken him to another big-chain groomer here in Lafayette, and had a rough experience. They shaved Charlie, as I requested, because he was so extremely matted, but in the process they cut-off one of his rear dew claws. They took him to the emergency vet and got it all taken care of. Clearly, this was a fairly nerve-wracking experience for my family. This was the first thing we'd done for Charlie, and he came out worse than when he went in. You can only imagine how frightening this was for Charlie!

Fast-forward to about 6-weeks later, Charlie's hair was starting to grow out pretty well and I decided that he needed grooming again. After calling around to some independent groomers, I elected to give Pet Supplies Plus grooming a chance.

I am so thankful that I did! Rosa took care of Charlie! I spoke with Rosa at length about toy breeds. We have only ever owned big-dogs and little ones like Charlie are a very different experience. Rosa welcomed me to stay while she groomed Charlie, and let me know that she would only do as much as Charlie would let her because she wanted him to comfortable with the experience and grow to trust her. I told her that I would walk around the store so that my nervousness wouldn't interrupt.

I watched from between the aisles, trying to be sure Charlie didn't see me and become more anxious. I was truly amazed at the patience and gentleness that Rosa showed with Charlie. She did a fantastic job! She is wonderful!! Charlie came out looking great. She was able to trim him so much better than his previous experience. I know that it is because Charlie could see that she really cared and was working with him, not on him.

I am so grateful for the care and compassion Rosa showed! I got one of her cards and told her that she had to keep her job for the next 6 or 7 years, until Charlie is no longer with us. Rosa is the only one I will trust with Charlie

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Kody's Birthday is a Great One Thanks to NEIGHBORLY, KNOWLEDGEABLE, TRUSTWORTHY Service in Taylor, Michigan

When Kody's grandma shopped in our store a few weeks back, she had her bologna radar on!  But Taylor team member Carl passed with flying colors when he informed her about the fish tank he had on sale.  It was just what Kody's grandma was looking for AND it saved her a whole lot of money.  Carl really connected with our neighbor when he took the time to show her what a great deal this purchase was, and now four-year-old Kody is a proud fish owner.  Kody's grandma writes:

I have been to your store a few times, always had a pleasant visit. None of my previous visits could hold a candle to this experience. I was interested in a fish tank for my grandson, Kody. I was greeted by Carl (very sweet boy) who insisted on helping me gather what I needed. Upon hearing my request for a fish tank with all the trimmings he simply lowered his head and smirked. I smiled and said "Carl it seems to me you have some good news for me?!" He laughed and informed me that there was a 20-gallon fish tank kit and kaboodle for a clearance price of only $59.98. Now I'm a 79 year old grandma of 5 so I am used to hearing a lot of bologna but he insisted this to be fact. He was kind enough to do all the math on what it would cost to buy these items separate. Safe to say young Carl saved me a ton of money, hassle, and a headache! Thank you, Carl, and Pet Supplies Plus for making Kody's fourth birthday a real blast!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

NEIGHBORLY Service is "Key" in Pleasing a Cranston, Rhode Island Neighbor

When a team member says, "Can I help you find what you're looking for?" it's always a possibility that the neighbor is going to be looking for something other than pet supplies!  Such was the case with neighbor Ann, who couldn't find her car keys anywhere.  Lois and the team in Cranston, Rhode Island did all they could to assist, as Ann wrote in her note to us...

On Monday, I visited your store in Cranston, RI to make a purchase of dog food. After checking out and leaving the store I could not locate my car keys. I searched my handbag several times, emptied the bags my purchases were in and still could not locate my keys. I went back into the store and asked if anyone had seen my keys. No. After researching my purchases, handbag and coat pockets I still could not find the keys. The store supervisor Lois asked if she could be of any assistance. She was so kind, understanding and patient working with me and called my home so someone could bring me my "spare" keys. Both she and the young lady at the register went over and above the call of duty in assisting me. Upon leaving the store she asked if I would call her and let her know if the keys were found ... they were and I did. I did not want the week to pass without letting you know that in such a negative situation, I received positive and courteous assistance. Hats off to Lois, her staff and your store in Cranston, RI. 


Tuesday, June 30, 2015

KNOWLEDGEABLE, NEIGHBORLY Service in Medina, OH Lands Rescue Turtle in a Loving Home

Our neighbor Linda set out to get a pet turtle for her grandson's birthday, but she didn't realize everything there was to learn about turtle ownership!  Anna not only helped Linda and her husband get all the necessary items for their new family member, she also connected them with a rescue group.  A lot of great knowledge and a phone call to a community rescue created a loyal neighbor who will continue to shop with PSP, AND a homeless pet has a new owner to love.  Linda writes:

Just want you to know how great Anna is at the Medina location. She walked us grandparents through getting all necessary items for our grandson's birthday. Then because you do not sell turtles Anna called around for us and gave us a phone number to call where we can buy a rescue turtle for Adam. Now he has a rescue dog so this whole experience has been very rewarding and we all have learned a lot about turtles thanks to Anna going over and beyond for us when she did not have to. Please let her know how much we appreciate her. She was always patient with us and never hurried us along. Never tried to push more purchases than was necessary (still spent over $200.00). She was great!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

NEIGHBORLY Service in Niagara, New York is Just What the Neighbor Needs to Decide on a Crate for Her Pet

Our neighbor Susan shops frequently in our Niagara, New York store, but the fantastic help she received from team member Mark inspired her to write us.  Mark took the time to bring down the crate from a hard-to-reach spot and put it together for Susan, so she could see it and decide for herself if it was the right size for her pet.  And, of course, when she did, Mark did that PSP thing and carried it out to her car.  Here's Susan's response to that fabulous neighborly service:

Great work, Mark!
I just can't say enough about your customer service. Every single time I visit - which is often -  the cashiers and stock people are wonderful. But last night I needed to check out a crate. Not only did Mark crawl up a ladder to fetch it so I could look at the size, he then assembled the crate and carried it to my vehicle. I was totally blown away by that act of kindness and customer service. There are other pet stores right down the street but your store has won my loyalty by the sincere greetings, small town feel and helpfulness and knowledge of the folks working there. 

Thank you! 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

East Amherst, New York Team Conducts NEIGHBORLY Donation Drive for Local Cat Rescue

Our Pet Supplies Plus stores enjoy getting involved in the community, and one of the ways we do that is by partnering with local animal rescues.  Our East Amherst, New York store recently partnered with the Ten Lives Club cat rescue and adoption group to hold a food drive for their hungry feline residents.  Team Leader Liz wrote to tell us:

Last month our store held a food drive for our local cat rescue 10-Lives. The event was a huge success, thanks to a complete team effort by ALL our team members here. From donations from their customers, the store collected 177 bags of dry cat food and 2,282 cans of wet food with a total retail value of $2,755!   In addition, gift baskets were donated by the rescue's volunteers, area businesses that we have partnered with in the past, and some of our pet partners, too.

What a great way to be a part of the East Amherst neighborhood.  Congratulations to Liz and team for a job well done!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

KNOWLEDGEABLE, TRUSTWORTHY Hollywood, Florida Team Gives New Puppy Owner Confidence

Our neighbor Catherine wrote to tell us how appreciative she is of the team at the Pet Supplies Plus in Hollywood, Florida.  Her puppy, Mueller, was quite the handful and the Hollywood team greeted her with open arms and the answers to her dozens of questions.  She wrote:

Dear Pet Supplies Plus, About 10 months ago I became a loyal customer with my new puppy Mueller. I was as inexperienced as they come and with a new labrador retriever with some really bad habits I needed more than just dog food from the pet store. I needed (and still do) TONS OF ADVICE. I am taking the time today to let you know about the staff at the Hollywood Pet Supplies Plus. I walk in just about every other week for food, treats, toys, and supplements for my (now two) labs. Allan and the customer service team welcome my family every week with open arms, ask to make suggestions, answer our 100 questions. No matter how bananas our requests were the previous week, they greet us as if we were old friends. Allan and the rest of team, have been there when we took in our newest rescue and every time our pups have been sick. While other people forget to make it to the pet store, we look forward to it. We would like to extend a huge thank you to the entire team for being there and being the best customer service staff ever! - Catherine, Jonathan and the entire furry family.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

PET-CENTRIC Owners Rick and Gloria Sands Throw a Retirement Party for Their Feline "Team Members"

Pet Supplies Plus team members Charlie and Chloe had such a great retirement party that it was covered in the local newspaper.

At the Goldsboro Pet Supplies Plus location, Charlie and Chloe were kind of a big deal.  You see, Charlie had been with the company for fourteen years, and Chloe for about eleven, each serving in the position of "loyal shop cat" since being rescued as kittens.

According to franchise owner Gloria Sands, who was interviewed in the Goldsboro News-Argus, Chloe and Charlie will be able to rest a little easier without the distractions of the store.  "A home is different than a store," she told columnist Kirsten Ballard.  Charlie is enjoying retirement with Gloria and her husband Rick in their home, and Chloe is living with a former team member, who also happens to own Chloe's sister.

Neighbors were invited to come and say goodbye to the cats during a four-hour party that featured a cake with photo both Chloe's and Charlie's face "photoshopped into one cat."  It was a grand send-off and, while neighbors are disappointed that Chloe and Charlie aren't hopping into their carts for "ride-alongs," it's clear that the feline pair have earned the right to some rest.

Congratulations to Chloe and Charlie on their retirement, and hats off to the Sands and their terrific team at the Goldsboro, North Carolina location for the years of love and care they gave to their two favorite team members.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

NEIGHBORLY Lake in the Hills, Illinois Team Leader Ensures a Happy Birthday for Young Neighbors

A young neighbor and her little niece had a great encounter with team leader Bill, who helped them out in an unexpected way.  The neighbor wrote to us:

Great work, Bill!
I went in to get my dog, Shadow, a bath.  I had to wait a while because there was a dog that was in front of us in line for the washroom.  We didn’t mind waiting, though, we walked around and looked at all the different foods and toys.  The employees all seemed cheerful and willing to help us if we needed anything.  

After we got our bath done, we checked out, and I took Shadow back to the car so she could wait there while I bought a beta fish for my niece’s birthday.  I picked one out and chatted a bit with Bill about the fish and my niece.  When it came to checking out, I tried to pay with $10 cash and the rest on my debit card, I apparently didn’t have enough in my account because it declined.  I stepped out of line to call my brother to transfer money into my account so I could get the fish.  While I was on the phone, Bill came up with the fish in hand and gave it to me.  Much to my surprise, he paid the rest of the bill for me, saying I could pay him back whenever I got the chance.  His kindness was overwhelming.  I shall remain loyal to Pet Supplies Plus because of his generosity.  And Shadow and I will definitely be coming back for weekly baths.

Kudos to Bill, who really went out of his way here to make sure this young neighbor had a birthday gift for her little niece.  And, I just got an email from him today completing this story.  He said, "Do you remember the neighbor who I helped a few weeks ago? The teenager and the little girl who wanted the beta fish for her birthday? Well she just came in to thank me again and she gave me a card and money to repay me. I would have given it back to her but I did not open it until she was gone!"

Our neighbors AND our PSP team members are just the best, aren't they?

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

KNOWLEDGEABLE, NEIGHBORLY Team in Virginia Beach Provides Assistance and Advice For Dog Owner

Neighbor Tammy wrote to let us know how helpful Ian and the Virginia Beach team are to her when she comes into the store for her very large batch of dog food.  Of course, we at Pet Supplies Plus like to carry every bag (no matter how heavy!) out to a neighbor's car any time we can, but, when you couple it with good dog nutrition knowledge and a weekly special order, it's a winning combination.  Tammy wrote to tell us how much she appreciates their service and knowledge:
I wanted to let you know how much I like your store in Virginia Beach, Virginia.
Your staff is very attentive to my needs of my mobility being impaired. I can always count on Ian and his staff being very willing to help take my large orders out to my car for me. The dog food we feed our dogs is specially ordered for us each week from the staff, and they always have our order ready. I have four dogs, one that has grain allergies and one that is allergic to chicken. Finding one dog food that works for all four was tough. And we go through 24 lbs a week..

Thank you for having a good staff at this location. I see them often and they are always helpful.
Great work, Virginia Beach Team!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

KNOWLEDGEABLE, NEIGHBORLY Team Member in Grand Rapids, Michigan Helps Make Puppy Ownership a Breeze for First-Time Neighbors

Though not a first-time dog owner, Jared was surprised and delighted to encounter Cody and his wealth of new puppy knowledge at our Grand Rapids store on Alpine Avenue.  Jared's family adopted Bear after losing both a human and a canine family member.  The family's visit to Pet Supplies Plus added some happiness to their day, as Jared was quick to tell us:

A few months ago, my beloved father passed away and a week later my 9-year-old Labrador, Cooper, followed due to a pancreatic system failure.  My wife, my kids and I have been missing something out of our family and a few weeks ago we decided to let the kids adopt a new puppy.  As such, we brought our new puppy, Bear, (the kids named him) to this Pet Supplies Plus store, because we were in the area, though we've never been.  This was the best accidental visit I have ever had.  We were helped by Cody, who explained and showed us everything we need and taught us so much about our new puppy.  It may be the excitement from adopting a new puppy, but I have never had a more happy and informative experience in my shopping history.  Absolutely ask for Cody when you bring in your dog, he’s incredibly intelligent and very friendly and truly cares about you.  I truly believe my dog will live a much better life thanks to his knowledge and my family owes it to him and this store for being a place that feels like home for my dog as opposed to just a store.  The store is very beautiful and Bear looks forward to his next visit, unlike the vet!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

NEIGHBORLY, KNOWLEDGEABLE, and TRUSTWORTHY Team Member in Stow, Ohio Saves Neighbor Money with More Than Just Coupons....

Neighbor Melody wrote to tell us a terrific story about Mike in our Stow, Ohio location.  Melody has a companion animal to assist her due to a disability.  When she prepared to turn her year's receipts into the government in order to get a credit on her rent, she was told that the receipts would be rejected because the abbreviations for items purchased were not clear enough. So she turned to Mike, who immediately jumped into action:

Amazing way to go above and beyond, Mike!
To whom it may concern, I met an amazing assistant manager yesterday at store #68 (Stow, Ohio). I live in housing for people with disabilities. I was told to keep my receipts for my companion animal. When I took my receipts in I was told they couldn't accept them because of the abbreviations of the products I purchased. I called Mike and asked for help. He started working and making phone calls so he would know how to help me. We shared many calls. He listened as I cried with frustration. He calmed me kindly with his words and told me he wouldn't give up. 

He DIDN'T give up and found a way to help me. The paperwork was accepted by HUD and saved me money on my rent. I'm sending this e-mail because Mike went above and beyond for me yesterday and never got frustrated or said he couldn't help me. He kept trying. Please, let Mike know how special he is. No one has ever helped me like he did. His act of kindness should not go unnoticed! 

Thursday, May 28, 2015

KNOWLEDGEABLE, TRUSTWORTHY Advice on Large Breeds Wins Neighbor Loyalty in Lafayette, Indiana

Excellent job, Gloria!
Giant breed puppies mean giant amounts of love!  Neighbor Margaret headed off to our competitor hoping to get some good information about the not-so-little bundle of joy arriving at her house the following week, but came away empty-handed.  Margaret then headed to Pet Supplies Plus.  Of course, Gloria was there to tell her everything she needed to know about food for her new puppy, and ensured future conversations with her contact information and a free dog-wash coupon.  Margaret was delighted when she wrote us:

I just wanted to say how impressed I was with your store in Lafayette! I went to Petsmart to ask questions about food I need for my puppy i'm picking up next week but no one seemed to know anything about giant breed puppies so I went to Pet Supplies Plus. I was impressed with Gloria's knowledge on giant breed dogs! She took the time to explain why certain foods are better than others. She even gave me her business card and a free coupon for the self service dog wash! I will definitely be shopping here in the future! Thanks again!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

NEIGHBORLY, PET-CENTRIC Delaware, Ohio Team Members Goes the Extra Mile to Find Neighbor an A-DOG-Able Outfit!

When our neighbor Lisam came into the Delaware, Ohio Pet Supplies Plus store, she wanted to buy a collar and leash. Thanks to team member Taylor's assistance and enthusiasm over dog outfits, the neighbor left with a great costume for her Havanese as well.  Taylor was so neighborly she went digging through unopened boxes to make sure Lisam's dog was dressed to the nines.  Lisam told us:

I asked Taylor H. (I believe "H" the initial of her last name) for some help with dog outfits. She stopped what she was doing, and immediately went to work to help me find the cute dog costume I wanted in the right size for my little Havanese. Taylor told me that the store had just gotten a new box of dog clothes that were still in an unopened box in the back. She ran to the back, cut it open, and helped me search for something adorable to buy my little dog. Although we never found that EXACT original outfit, I left the store with something even cuter thanks to Taylor H.! I should probably mention I walked in the store intending to buy just a collar and a leash. I ended up buying so much more due to Taylor's great service and your great selections. I've been a dog owner for nearly 15 years, and have shopped for dog supplies at ALL of the "big box" pet retailers, small pet boutiques, and even several apps and websites over the years. I'm absolutely a loyal Pet Supplies Plus customer after my experience today with Taylor H.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

TRUSTWORTHY, KNOWLEDGEABLE Groomer in Defiance, Ohio Earns Loyal Neighbor with Great Service

Our team members at Pet Supplies Plus do great things every day as a matter of practice.  Kim in Defiance, Ohio likes to send every dog home looking fabulous, but for our neighbor Rachel, that every-day work really makes a difference, because her dog is a special part of her family.  Kim takes time with Dakota, and for Rachel, that really counts.  Rachel told us: 

I love taking my dog, Dakota, to the groomers at Pet Supplies. I love Kim who is his groomer and she always takes really good care of him. He comes home all nice and clean and looks 100% better. I also like the fact that any time I have a concern, she answers my questions without patronizing me. Dakota is not my first dog, but he is my first pet that I have grown very attached to. He's my baby. I appreciate Kim and her services very much. I am going to miss her when we move to Michigan. I am glad that we have a Pet Supplies Plus here in town. It has been a real lifesaver for us. Dakota likes them too even though he is a Nervous Nelly sometimes. ;o)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

TRUSTWORTHY Efforts to Correct a Mistake Win Neighbor's Loyalty in Ashburn, Virginia

A trustworthy response from our Ashburn, Virginia team leader on an overcharge was noteworthy for Neighbor Candace, and just the kind of service that impressed her and keeps her coming back to the store.  She wrote to tell us all about this experience and others:

I absolutely love this place!  The staff is always very friendly, and I have never encountered a mess in the store.  The self-service dog wash is my favorite feature.  Having two large dogs, it is well worth the $10 to wash them with the professional utilities they offer here!  They also have a great selection of dog food brands, including many holistic and raw food options.

To top it off, their customer service is exceptional!  I had an issue once where I was accidentally overcharged.  When I contacted the manager about it, she was incredibly kind and not only refunded me the money that I had overpaid, but recognized that I was a frequent customer AND gave me a gift card for the inconvenience!  On another occasion, I bought a bag of dog food that was on sale for 50% off, because the expiration date was coming up (my dogs go through a large bag of food in about a week and a half, otherwise I wouldn’t buy “reduced for quick sale” food for them).  When the cashier checked the date, she said that she would be able to make it 75% off.  Obviously, I was going to buy the food anyway, and this was just her going above and beyond what I would expect!  They truly seem to care more about making their customers happy than making a few extra dollars, and that will keep me coming back!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Everyday NEIGHBORLY Service at Our Concord, NC Store Makes a Great Impression

What's more charming than a hermit crab named Sheldon?  A neighbor who takes the time to write in and tell us what our neighborly service means to her!  Kimberley may not know that our policy is to carry heavy items out to the car for all of our neighbors, but even if it's a standard operational procedure for us, it really makes a difference for her.  She wrote to tell us how much the team at our Concord, NC store impressed her:
I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that the employees of my local store in Concord, NC are just the best.
I haven't been going there too very long but every time they are so nice and helpful. They all really seem to enjoy their job.
Last time I was there I had first ordered food at one of the restaurants just two doors down the sidewalk and went to get my pet food while waiting. Just so you know I walk with a cane and can only go short distances before my back gives out.
I'd bought a big bag of cat food, crickets and mouse food (I have a real diverse bunch of "children" including hermits crabs all named after The Big Bang Theory!). Anyway I asked if someone wouldn't mind carrying the cat food to my car because even though the restaurant is very close I'd have a hard time pushing the buggy out and back and then to get my food and back to my car.
They were so nice about it. Not like a lot of stores who would give you that "okay if I have to" kind if attitude. Well at your store I had two employees happily volunteer. One young man had the bag in his hand when the young lady came up and said she'd just washed her hands and she would take it. We started laughing about how they were fighting over me. It was funny. The girl won out and bless her heart she just let me point out my car so I didn't have to walk any further.

I know this was kind of long but I just wanted to say thank you and to let you know how much I appreciate all the young people who work at your store. It's a nice feeling to be greeted with smiles and salutations and be offered help too. I'm glad I found them!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

NEIGHBORLY, PET-CENTRIC Service Makes South Lyon Team - And Their Leader - Stand Out

Neighbor Caitlin wrote to tell us how impressed she was with the neighborly service she received in our South Lyon, Michigan store.  Patrick, South Lyon's team leader, particularly impressed her when he jumped in and started clipping nails in the short-staffed grooming room.  And he runs a great store, too!  She told us:

Hi, my name is Caitlin I wanted to let the company know how great of a store the South Lyon store is. I take my dog and also my grandmother's dogs to this location. The manger at this store goes above and beyond. When you guys offered pamper your dog day with the free nail trims. One of the groomers called off and the other one was trying to groom the appointments. The manger stepped right in and started clipping all the dogs nails. To me that is above and beyond. I worked in retail for 5 years and never had a manger come help us. 

When you walk in the store no matter what time of the day the cashier greets you. There is always employees asking if you need help. The manger was also so nice I brought my dog in on his birthday he was so excited to see him took the time to greet him and play with him. To me is very important since we take our dog for socializing. I also do get my dog groomed there and they do a great job and my little one loves going. I have done tons of the surveys but I wanted to let you know more how great this store is. We love going and our dog loves getting new toys or bones! 

Thank you,