Tuesday, December 2, 2014

KNOWLEDGEABLE, TRUSTWORTHY and NEIGHBORLY Service Makes Whitehall, PA Team Member a Big Fish in a Small Pond!

Our neighbor Nancy wrote to us from Whitehall, Pennsylvania to tell us how happy she was with the knowledgeable, neighborly service she received from Dustin.  Dustin was a font of knowledge when it came to ponds, goldfish, and keeping them healthy.  Nancy tells us:

Hello, I want to write about a wonderful experience I had today with Dustin in Whitehall, Pennsylvania. We've just installed a pond in our yard and purchasing some goldfish, he answered all my questions about feeding, heating, tips for us to do. Dustin is very knowledgeable and excellent customer service skills, he truly seems to enjoy his position in the company and wants to help the customers. I will definitely be going back and checking with him for more tips on the pond and fish, I want to add heat this fall, he was giving me tips on that. I want to let you know what a wonderful, caring person he is and I do hope you appreciate such a qualified person to run the store! Quality customer service is hard to come by, most do not want to take the time, not with Dustin, excellent customer service skills and much knowledge. Thank you again Dustin, I'll be back for more fish and tips!

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