Tuesday, November 25, 2014

NEIGHBORLY, TRUSTWORTHY Glendale, Wisconsin Team Does All the Heavy Lifting for a Neighbor In Need

Our neighbor Rachel wrote to us because she wanted to let us know how helpful the Glendale, Wisconsin team has been since her rotator cuff surgery.  Team members Jerry and Austin were not going to stand by and let our neighbor be conquered by those heavy bags of dog food.  Instead, they made the food manageable for her to lift, even after she arrived home.  Rachel tells us:

Jerry and Austin rock!

I am long overdue in writing to thank Jerry and Austin at your store at 5300 N. Port Washington, Rd. in Glendale, WI.

Since I had rotator cuff surgery in September and am unable to hoist the 30 pound bags of Fromm's dog food (salmon and chicken), both Jerry and Austin have been cutting the bags and loading the 10 pound plastic containers that you sell there with the food, making it manageable for me to take those from the car to the house.

It looks like it will be spring before I can start lifting that amount of weight again, so Jerry and Austin, thank you for your help the past two months and thank you for the months to come.

Please pass my appreciation on to them and to your corporate people as well.  My thanks again to Jerry and Austin, and to everyone at the Glendale store who is always very helpful!

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