Monday, November 10, 2014

Falls Church, Virginia Team is So PET-CENTRIC Dogs Shop There Without Owners!

We are all about pets, but usually they're not shopping in our stores alone!  Apparently the team at Falls Church made such a great impression on Luna that she returned even when her owner wasn't with her.  Luna's dad Rob wrote us to let us know how grateful he was to the Falls Church team for doing the right thing by his meandering pup.

Hi. I just wanted to thank and commend the employees of your store in Falls Church, VA. We had painters in our apartment while we were at work today and they let our dog Luna out. We occasionally walk to the Pet Supplies Plus store nearby, and Luna somehow remembered her way there and decided to go shopping. Seeing her walk in by herself, the employees turned off the automatic doors to catch her, got her on a leash and called us to let us know where she was and that she was OK. The kept her safe while I left work to come get her. We really appreciate the special care that they showed her. Thank you and your employees. 



  1. What a fantastic story and how proud you all should be at the Falls Church PSP that you create such a great experience that pets come shopping on their own and neighbors feel great that we keep their pets safe.

  2. A pet owners worst nightmare: someone lets your pet out when you're not home. If it were me and Pet Supplies Plus hadn't rescued my poochie, the painters would be short staffed and I'd be in prison. Thank you Pet Supplies Plus for saving lives.