Monday, October 13, 2014

NEIGHBORLY, PET-CENTRIC Team at Greenwood, Indiana Store Take An Extra Step in Neighbor Care

Neighbor Jana dropped us a line to express her gratitude for the team in Greenwood, Indiana.   Melanie and the Greenwood team know that losing a pet can be very traumatic, and they made a very heartwarming gesture to console a neighbor in their time of need.  Jana writes:

I feel that most times people only contact to complain about things and good deeds go unnoticed or acknowledged. I wanted to write to you and say how impressed I am with the quality and human care and concern your employees have. I shop on a fairly regular basis at the store in Greenwood, IN and the employees are always VERY helpful and VERY pleasant, from greeting you upon entrance, asking if I am finding everything while I am shopping and always offering to assist me in getting my heavy items to the car. But I wanted to acknowledge one heartfelt trip. I entered the store one afternoon to purchase food for our cats, just recently having to have one put down, it was an emotional trip. I was looking at different foods for our cats since the one we lost had a special diet that we did not need to maintain. I was approached, as usual by a very helpful employee, Melanie, who began to assist me as I began to cry. She was more than helpful that day and very understanding. I made my purchase that day and left the store. A few days later, as I got our mail, we received a sympathy card from the staff at the store for our recent loss and was completely blown away at the compassion and care for someone, a total stranger to go out of their way to express their sympathy. Such a simple gesture but just goes to show how great people truly can be! My husband and I were very impressed and so appreciative of the thought. As I stated in the beginning, I just wanted to acknowledge a truly positive experience and share this with you to let you know how appreciative we were and to pass along a good deed done! Thank you for having excellent employees!

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