Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Neighbor Finds PET-CENTRIC, KNOWLEDGEABLE and NEIGHBORLY Battle Creek Team Member To Be a Breath of Fresh Air

Barb in our store operations department got a phone call from Neighbor Elaine the other day, who told Barb how pleased she was to be a loyal patron of our Pet Supplies Plus store in Battle Creek, Michigan.  She hadn't been a loyal customer until a day or so before that, but team member Aren went the extra mile to win her business.  Barb told us:

Excellent work, Aren!

I spoke with our neighbor Elaine about Aren today, and she told me a great story. Last week the power was out in part of Battle Creek. Elaine is a new fish owner and when there was no power she was worried that the fish would die without the air pump. Elaine called Petsmart  and got no help, she called Petco and got no help and she called PSP and got all the help she needed!

Aren told Elaine there were battery operated pumps and her store was out of them. She didn't stop there, though!  Aren called our Kalamazoo PSP to see if they had them in stock.  The Kalamazoo store had them.  But how to get one to Battle Creek for Elaine?

This is where Aren went the extra mile.  Because she lived in Kalamazoo, she told Elaine that it would be no problem to go pick up the pump and bring it back to the Battle Creek store the next morning.  Elaine said “You would do that for me?” and Aren said “Yes, that’s part of my job!” 

After that, Aren showed her how to test the water for her fish and gave her a lot of additional fish information. Elaine no longer shops at the competition and couldn't be more thrilled with her new neighbors at Pet Supplies Plus Battle Creek!

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