Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Racine, Wisconsin Pet Center Shows Off Some NEIGHBORLY, KNOWLEDGEABLE Service

Neighbor Kay took the time to write us about some outstanding neighborly and knowledgeable service she received at the Racine pet center from team members Kim and Debbie:

My daughter and I visited your Racine, Wisconsin store on June 25, 2014. We purchased several items and spent quite a bit of time looking around in the store. We had some questions about some products and two employees were extremely helpful to us. Kim and Debbie answered every question that we had and even showed us some new products to try. They were very patient and willing to go out of their way to help us. They also pointed out some products that there was a store coupon for. It's was nice to talk to associates that show that they care about the store and the customers. I'm also impressed that every time that I go in and purchase a bag of dog food they always offer to carry it to my car for me. As I age I really appreciate that they ask the customer if they need help carrying - without me having to "feel like an old lady' and ask for help:) Keep it up! Thanks!

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  1. Way to keep the Neighbors happy and coming back Kim and Debbie! Great Job!