Wednesday, September 10, 2014

PET-CENTRIC Avondale Team Rescues Abandoned Dog - And Makes Him One of the Family!

Our Avondale, Pennsylvania team arrived at their pet center one morning in June to find a surprise waiting for them.  And the way our PSP team loves pets, there was only one thing to be done.  One team member writes...

On a Thursday in June, we arrived to our pet center to find a small brown and white dog sitting in a crate at our front door.  Needless to say this poor pup was terrified and sat growling and shaking in the crate.  We quickly moved the crate inside and into our office area.  We pulled surveillance tapes to see how this little guy ended up alone at our front door and were shocked to see a car pull up to our front door at 6:15 AM, and pull the crate with puppy inside out of his back seat and not so gently toss the crate then hop back in his car and drive away.

Once behind the closed office door we opened the crate, but the pup was so petrified that he refused to come out.  We decided to give him some space and allowed him the run of our office for the day.  Every time someone would enter the office he would quickly run back in the crate out of fear.  This went on for about 4 hours until we were finally able to entice him with some yummy treats and gentle words.  By 5:00 he was approaching our team members as they came to check up on him, and sitting on laps and even giving kisses!

Sprocket loves being loved!
Our Store Team Leader Jenna took him with her when she left for the day at 5:00 and stopped at a neighborhood vet to have him checked out and scanned for a microchip. As expected,  no chip was found.  Jenna had planned on fostering the pup until a forever family could be found, but within the first 24 hours,  she made the decision to adopt the pup and make him part of her four-legged family. 

Now "Sprocket" is loving life and his new brothers.  You would never believe this is the same dog that wouldn't even let us touch him!

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