Wednesday, September 24, 2014

NEIGHBORLY, KNOWLEDGEABLE Akron, Ohio Team Members Ensure Baby Turtle Has a Bright Future Ahead

Neighbor Taylor dropped us a line about how team members Kathy and Josh used great teamwork skills to make certain she had everything her turtle needed - all this while continuing to assist other neighbors in the store!  With neighborly service like this, there's no reason to hide in your shell.   Kudos to Kathy and Josh - seems they made new friends and additions to the ever-growing PSP family!

I had a wonderful experience at your Arlington Ridge location in Akron, Ohio. My boyfriend and I came in the store inquiring about everything we would need for a baby turtle. Kathy and Josh were both fantastic. Josh had just walked into the store (it seemed like he may have been on a break), but as he passed us on his way to the back, he stopped and asked us if we had any questions and pointed us in the right direction. Kathy was just full of information and kindness. She spent at least 15 minutes with us answering all of our questions, giving us suggestions, and juggled answering questions of other customers. As someone who works in retail, I appreciate great customer service. And your store has it! I hope this message gets back to them, as they are the reason that I'll be shopping at this location again.

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