Monday, September 29, 2014

Parma, Ohio Team Member Gets Golden Review on NEIGHBORLY, KNOWLEDGEABLE Service

We received a great note from Neighbor Jennifer, who found herself the proud owner of four carnival goldfish.  She gave a huge pat on the back to Parma's own Zach, who took the time to educate them on their new pet, which thrilled her and her two young children.  She writes:

Great work, Zach!
I am writing to share my experience with an outstanding employee of Pet Supplies Plus. His name is Zach from the Parma, Ohio store (#120). I came into the store today after my children unexpectedly got four goldfish at a local carnival. We always get our dog supplies there but have never had fish. I was in the store with only the knowledge I obtained online and I had a 4-year-old and a 6-year-old with me. I was greeted in the fish aisle by Zach and he asked how he could help me. I explained the him that my children had gotten four goldfish at the carnival the night before and unfortunately one did not make it through the night in the small tank I placed them in when we got home from the carnival. At this point I know that most people would blow us off because they were "just carnival fish" but I really wanted to take care of them for my kids. Zach took time to explain everything we would need and was very patient with my young children. I was very impressed with his customer service and knowledge. We now have a new large tank with all the extras for our special goldfish. They seem to now be doing great and are eating well now. We also have a knowledgeable resource if we ever need one. Shopping with two small children is never easy but Zach made it so much easier. I just felt I should acknowledge this experience and a great employee. Thank you for your time!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

NEIGHBORLY, KNOWLEDGEABLE Akron, Ohio Team Members Ensure Baby Turtle Has a Bright Future Ahead

Neighbor Taylor dropped us a line about how team members Kathy and Josh used great teamwork skills to make certain she had everything her turtle needed - all this while continuing to assist other neighbors in the store!  With neighborly service like this, there's no reason to hide in your shell.   Kudos to Kathy and Josh - seems they made new friends and additions to the ever-growing PSP family!

I had a wonderful experience at your Arlington Ridge location in Akron, Ohio. My boyfriend and I came in the store inquiring about everything we would need for a baby turtle. Kathy and Josh were both fantastic. Josh had just walked into the store (it seemed like he may have been on a break), but as he passed us on his way to the back, he stopped and asked us if we had any questions and pointed us in the right direction. Kathy was just full of information and kindness. She spent at least 15 minutes with us answering all of our questions, giving us suggestions, and juggled answering questions of other customers. As someone who works in retail, I appreciate great customer service. And your store has it! I hope this message gets back to them, as they are the reason that I'll be shopping at this location again.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Hazlet, New Jersey Pet Center is Known All Over Town for Her NEIGHBORLY Service

Neighbor AnneMarie wrote us a note to tell us how one of our Pet Supplies Plus team members isn't just famous within the pet center walls - she's known for her neighborly service all over town!  Kudos go out to Margie for giving such special attention to her neighbors that word of mouth has spread from the hair salon to the bank and all around!  She's a real ambassador for Pet Supplies Plus and the paw print!  AnneMarie tells us:

Margie is famous!

I feel the need to send you yet another message regarding your Hazlet, NJ store. I have been going to this location since it has opened, I live 5 minutes away which makes it very convenient, although I did shop at a few different stores as well until about a year and a half ago. Your store has an employee that keeps me and quite a few of my friends as very loyal customers! It is no surprise to me when I'm at a nail salon, bank, supermarket, even doctor's office, that I hear people talking about her and her great customer care! She welcomes us with a warm friendly hello, asks if she can help us find anything, and has great insight towards our pets needs and basically makes us feel as if we were family! This is an amazing trait in a person and I hope that you all realize that this woman makes and keeps your store the type of store people love to visit because it's not your everyday pet store. It's the type of store that Hazlet needs more of! It to me is a real neighborhood type store. All your employees are always very helpful and polite but the main reason so many of us frequent your store so often is because of the special employee, MARGIE! She is simply the best! I actually sit and laugh as I'm getting my hair cut because so many people know and love her just from going to your store! Great store with great employees, especially in many eyes OUR MARGIE! Thank you for having the type of employee that can put a smile on anyone's face and keeps us as loyal customers.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Chicago Pet Center Wins Neighbor Loyalty with NEIGHBORLY Service

We love these stories where the Pawsitive Impression keeps getting Pawsitiver and Pawsitiver with each team member our neighbor meets!  Here's a great note from Neighbor Rosalia, who appreciated every encounter with a PSP team member during her last visit:

I have always vacillated between buying supplies for our pets (two dogs, one fish and two rats) at the North Lincoln Pet Supplies Plus location and Petco in my neighborhood. My most recent shopping experience ensures that I will be shopping exclusively at Pet Supplies Plus. 

From the time I walked into the store, I was greeted warmly by Augestine as I looked for small animal bedding. He smiled and carried the bedding to the register for me. When Dawn rang me up, I asked her how her day was going and not only did she thank me for asking, she reminded me to use my rewards card and gave me a coupon for an additional 5 dollars off from my local pet magazine. After I paid, Israel helped me load my car and when I asked him about how his summer was and if he was in school, he told me a little bit about himself and where he is in junior college. I shared how I started the same way before getting my bachelors degree. 

More companies and individual pet supply stores should handle customer service in the way my Pet Supplies Plus does. I left smiling and looking forward to coming back. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Three Michigan Pet Centers Join Forces with Neighbors To Help Four-Legged Members of the Armed Forces

Our Woodhaven, Taylor and Dearborn pet centers joined forces recently to raise much needed funds, items and awareness for the charitable Military War Dogs organization.  District Team Leader Brian wrote to tell us how the event went: 

This was a huge success that generated care packages and cash sent to Military War Dogs. Neighbors got on board purchasing items and donating money. The teams made in pet center displays, collected donations, engaged neighbors to purchase items, and volunteered their time to package and mail these packages to our military men and women overseas.

The eye-catching display put together by our Dearborn
pet center team

Neighbors who shopped at these three pet centers were equally impressed.  One neighbor wrote to tell us how easy and rewarding it was to participate:

I was concerned that it would be difficult to find the items that would be needed for the military dogs. As a collie lover, I find that my heart went out to those dogs and when I went to the store. EVERYTHING was in order. The young man not only had a list of items needed, he directed and helped me purchase what was needed. HE MADE MY VISIT AND MY DAY. The personal attention was amazing. THANK YOU. 

Congratulations to our Woodhaven, Taylor, and Dearborn teams for your NEIGHBORLY, PET-CENTRIC efforts to help our four-legged soldiers overseas!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

PET-CENTRIC Avondale Team Rescues Abandoned Dog - And Makes Him One of the Family!

Our Avondale, Pennsylvania team arrived at their pet center one morning in June to find a surprise waiting for them.  And the way our PSP team loves pets, there was only one thing to be done.  One team member writes...

On a Thursday in June, we arrived to our pet center to find a small brown and white dog sitting in a crate at our front door.  Needless to say this poor pup was terrified and sat growling and shaking in the crate.  We quickly moved the crate inside and into our office area.  We pulled surveillance tapes to see how this little guy ended up alone at our front door and were shocked to see a car pull up to our front door at 6:15 AM, and pull the crate with puppy inside out of his back seat and not so gently toss the crate then hop back in his car and drive away.

Once behind the closed office door we opened the crate, but the pup was so petrified that he refused to come out.  We decided to give him some space and allowed him the run of our office for the day.  Every time someone would enter the office he would quickly run back in the crate out of fear.  This went on for about 4 hours until we were finally able to entice him with some yummy treats and gentle words.  By 5:00 he was approaching our team members as they came to check up on him, and sitting on laps and even giving kisses!

Sprocket loves being loved!
Our Store Team Leader Jenna took him with her when she left for the day at 5:00 and stopped at a neighborhood vet to have him checked out and scanned for a microchip. As expected,  no chip was found.  Jenna had planned on fostering the pup until a forever family could be found, but within the first 24 hours,  she made the decision to adopt the pup and make him part of her four-legged family. 

Now "Sprocket" is loving life and his new brothers.  You would never believe this is the same dog that wouldn't even let us touch him!