Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wilmington, Delaware Team Provides NEIGHBORLY, PET-CENTRIC Comfort to Ailing Dog (and Owner)

Michelle, Mike and Joe at our Wilmington, Delaware pet center provided some very pet-centric care to a pet in need when Neighbor John's dog Isabel had a seizure while he was in a traffic jam.  These team members took product out of stock to comfort Isabel after the traumatic event, and that provided some neighborly comfort to her owner as well.  John wrote to tell us the tale:

Michelle, Mike and Joe were a huge comfort
to Isabel and pet parent John!
A few weeks back I was caught in terrible traffic on I-95 in Wilmington.  My 10-year-old lab Isabel was with me and in the middle of that jam she went into a hypoglycemic seizure.  I was finally able to get on a narrow shoulder to treat her.  It was the first time since she went diabetic a year ago. I was beyond unnerved--near panic!

I got her partly stabilized and took the first exit in search of water and a place to calm her.  I saw your store on the right and asked for water.  They had to open a fresh bowl from stock, and got her a few biscuits too.  They were kind and understanding people--two young men and a young lady.  I was so out of it I only remember one name which I believe to be Joe, but I owe them my most sincere thanks. 

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