Monday, August 18, 2014

Columbia, South Carolina Pet Center Earns Neighbor's Compliments for a NEIGHBORLY, PET-CENTRIC and KNOWLEDGEABLE Atmosphere

Our neighbor Moya wrote to tell us that she was delighted when she visited our Columbia, South Carolina pet center.  Columbia team members have been hard at work behind the scenes, as sometimes great neighborly service isn't just face-to-face contact with the neighbor, but creating a welcoming, friendly place to shop.  Two paws up to the whole Columbia team for such a neighborly, knowledgeable and pet-centric effort! Here's Moya's letter:

I recently visited the Pet Supplies Plus Store in Columbia, SC.  Store personnel greeted me politely when I entered and offered to assist me throughout my visit.  Check out was pleasant and I signed up to be a Preferred Pet Club Member with the friendly cashier, Kristen.

I loved the store too – it was well lit, clean and items were intelligently arranged.  The selection was very comprehensive with food items having expiration dates well in the future.   Prices were very reasonable/comparable.

Two little Spaniels went in to be groomed with “happy tails.”  It looked like they had been there before and couldn’t wait to be groomed again.  The dog wash area was neat and clean with dog washing/grooming supplies nearby and handy.

What surprised me the most was the tanks – fish, amphibians, small mammals.  They were the cleanest tanks I have ever seen in any pet/supply store.  In fact, the tanks were cleaner than any I have seen anywhere.  Possibly because of that, the fish were the healthiest I have ever seen also.  Is it O.K. for me to say the fish actually looked happy?  There was no smell of any kind.  That is a first too.

It was simply the best pet store experience I have ever had.  I can’t wait to go back and take my furry friends.  I know they will be as delighted as I was. 

Thank you.

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