Monday, July 28, 2014

Youngstown, Ohio Pet Center Supports Community in a NEIGHBORLY, PET-CENTRIC Fashion with Bonnie's Birthday Bash

In the Youngstown area, the hundred-year-old Whitehouse Fruit Farm has made a name for itself not only for being growers of fine fruit, but also for their dog, Bonnie, who helps other four-legged friends of her kind in the community.  Neighbors attend a big birthday bash for Bonnie each year, and they bring birthday gifts, which are then donated to the Angels for Animals shelter. 

In an effort to stay connected with their neighbors and the community, our Youngstown Pet Supplies Plus partners with Whitehouse on this big event.  They provide neighborly and pet-centric service that helps make these annual events a success.  As manager Dave Ohle writes:

Whitehouse is 100+ year old Fruit Farm and Farm Market and Bonnie is their farm dog - who everyone knows!

When her birthday comes up, Whitehouse has a party complete with local K9s, clowns, vendors, and games/contests for the kids. Once collected, all "gifts" for Bonnie are then donated to Angels for Animals, a local animal shelter of cats and dogs. They happen to be another partner of ours too!

Bonnie is always "registered" here at PSP0051 where our neighbors can purchase items ranging from gift cards to treats, to litter, and anything else from the Wish List. We start collecting items about one month in advance and then the items are picked up by Whitehouse and displayed at the party.

Even though the weather wasn't the best, it was still a BIG success!

Congratulations to Dave and the entire Youngstown team for supporting such a worthwhile endeavor!

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