Monday, July 14, 2014

NEIGHBORLY and PET-CENTRIC Service in Our Dearborn Pet Center Doesn't Go Unnoticed!

Jack in our Dearborn, Michigan pet center was truly being neighborly when he handed over his mobile phone to Neighbor Melissa, who locked her keys in her trunk.  And, because he's a great multi-tasker, he was being neighborly with others in the pet center while he was helping Melissa!  She witnessed some great neighborly and pet-centric behavior that day and wanted to tell us about it:

HI, i just wanted to let you know what an amazing employee you have at your store in Dearborn. I was at your store yesterday on my way home from work and I locked my keys in my trunk. I went into the store to use the phone to attempt to get a hold of some one and Jack was there to help. He was willing to let me use his smart phone to contact a few people until I could get some one to answer. While I was waiting for my ride I witnessed jack not only be extremely friendly and helpful, but also very caring with every pet that came through the door. He was a great example of who you would want representing your company.

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