Monday, July 7, 2014

Dog-At-Large Sasha Spends a Day at Work with our PET-CENTRIC, NEIGHBORLY, TRUSTWORTHY Team in Medford, MA!

Neighbor Jeanmarie praised Rich and the team members of the Medford, Massachusetts pet center for their pet-centric, neighborly and trustworthy actions.  Her beloved dog had escaped from the yard earlier that day, and her family was frantically looking for her. Turns out, she was following her mom to work!
As our team member Rich in Medford tells the tale, I was on my way into the store from the parking lot, and I noticed a beautiful husky bobbing around the cars...I grabbed hold of her harness and brought her into the store."  Rich attempted to reach out to the owner, but when no one answered, husky Sasha spent the day as an honorary team member.  She was safe and happy due to Rich's efforts.  Jeanmarie writes:

Great way to exemplify our PSP
values, Rich!

I just would like to acknowledge the employees at the Medford, Massachusetts store.  My husky got loose from my yard and was in their parking lot.  I don't know the name of the employee, but he took my dog into the store so she would be safe.  She'd crossed two major streets and was very lucky she didn't get hit by a car!  Someone from the store called my house but no one was home, as everyone was out looking for her.  

I work in the same plaza and when I was leaving work I saw someone walking a husky, and when I went up to them, it was my dog being walked by one of the workers at the store!  He was so nice, he walked my dog to my car.  It's nice to know there are still kind people in this world, and you have them working for your company.  Thanks again to the workers at the Medford, Massachusetts store!

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