Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Monroe, Michigan Team Uses NEIGHBORLY, KNOWLEDGEABLE Service to Prove that PSP is the RIGHT Place to Shop!

A trip to the wrong store helped Neighbor Linda find all the right stuff for her pets!  She wrote to tell us that her first-time visit to the Monroe, Michigan store was a great one, because the knowledgeable team helped her find her product, compared prices and then matched the sales price the competitor was offering.  What a neighborly and knowledgeable way to win a new neighbor!  She wrote:

As a recent and first-time customer at your store on Telegraph Road in Monroe, Michigan, I wanted to let you know about my experience. I came in over the Memorial Day Weekend intending to go to the store with the 20% off sale I had seen on-line. The employees were very helpful in locating what I wanted and advising me. However, the price was not was I expected. The manager signed me up as a Preferred Pet Club member, talked over my purchases and prices with me, and even went so far as to look up the other store on the internet for me. Obviously, I had come to the wrong store; but I was glad I did, as it turned out. She not only matched their price, but I received my Pet Club discount and, most important, excellent and personal customer service. I just wanted to let you know how happy I was with the experience, and especially the manager who went to great lengths to assist me. I will definitely be making a return visit! Thank you for your employees!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Youngstown, Ohio Pet Center Supports Community in a NEIGHBORLY, PET-CENTRIC Fashion with Bonnie's Birthday Bash

In the Youngstown area, the hundred-year-old Whitehouse Fruit Farm has made a name for itself not only for being growers of fine fruit, but also for their dog, Bonnie, who helps other four-legged friends of her kind in the community.  Neighbors attend a big birthday bash for Bonnie each year, and they bring birthday gifts, which are then donated to the Angels for Animals shelter. 

In an effort to stay connected with their neighbors and the community, our Youngstown Pet Supplies Plus partners with Whitehouse on this big event.  They provide neighborly and pet-centric service that helps make these annual events a success.  As manager Dave Ohle writes:

Whitehouse is 100+ year old Fruit Farm and Farm Market and Bonnie is their farm dog - who everyone knows!

When her birthday comes up, Whitehouse has a party complete with local K9s, clowns, vendors, and games/contests for the kids. Once collected, all "gifts" for Bonnie are then donated to Angels for Animals, a local animal shelter of cats and dogs. They happen to be another partner of ours too!

Bonnie is always "registered" here at PSP0051 where our neighbors can purchase items ranging from gift cards to treats, to litter, and anything else from the Wish List. We start collecting items about one month in advance and then the items are picked up by Whitehouse and displayed at the party.

Even though the weather wasn't the best, it was still a BIG success!

Congratulations to Dave and the entire Youngstown team for supporting such a worthwhile endeavor!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Warsaw, Indiana Pet Center Strengthens Community Bonds with NEIGHBORLY Donation to Local Elementary School

Helping local schools is a great way that our pet centers support their communities.  Neighbor Chaitra, a teacher at a local elementary school in the Warsaw, Indiana, area, wrote to tell us how appreciative she and the whole school was that our Warsaw pet center was able to donate goods that could be auctioned for a good cause.  It's such a neighborly and community oriented thing to do!  She writes:
I would like to give a HUGE shout out to the Pet Supplies Plus store in Warsaw, Indiana! I am an elementary school teacher, and for the past two years, Manager Kala has helped out my school, Akron Elementary. At my school, we have what we call a Spring Fling each May. It's basically a school carnival we put on for all parents/students in our K-5th grade building. We also have an auction at our Spring Fling where we auction off a variety of items to all community members that come. Kala from the Warsaw Pet Supplies Plus store has donated two pet baskets (a dog and a cat) full of toys, pampering products, etc. These baskets have been a wonderful addition to our school auction for the past two years, and they have helped bring in lots of money for our school parent support group! Thanks so much, Pet Supplies Plus, for being such a great community supporter for our school! You rock!

Monday, July 21, 2014

NEIGHBORLY, KNOWLEDGEABLE and PET-CENTRIC Advice Builds Community Bonds at Chamber Event

Bill of our North Aurora, Illinois, pet center had the opportunity to attend a recent Chamber of Commerce State of the Mayor's address.  While Bill was mingling, he gave some knowledgeable, neighborly and pet-centric advice about feeding freeze dried food to dogs.  A few days later, he got this wonderful letter from a fellow chamber member.  What a great way to build neighborly connections and support the North Aurora community! 

Happy Tuesday Bill,

I just wanted to tell you what a pleasure it was to speak with you at the State of the Mayor’s Address in North Aurora.  After talking with you about freeze dried food, I went home that afternoon and added water to moisten the food (as I told you I had not added water and my dogs were not eating it.)

But per your advice I now add water and they can’t wait for feeding time. Thank you so much for the advice and I am so pleased with the way my girls eat their food once again. As I told you I also feed the kibbles to them as well, so they are getting a mix of the freeze dried and the kibbles. 

Again thank you so very much for your information, and I just want to let you know that Pet Supplies Plus should be very honored to have such a  dedicated employee in you and your commitment to North Aurora. I look forward to chatting again soon with you.

Thanks a million, and make it a great day!
Neighbor Janita

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

NEIGHBORLY, KNOWLEDGEABLE Service in Carrollton, Georgia Wins a New Customer

Neighbor Kate's visit with her grandma took a very pet-centric turn when they decided to try Pet Supplies Plus for Grandma's cat food.  The Carrollton team greeted them with neighborly smiles, and then team member Kristen gave these two new neighbors knowledgeable tips on feline nutrition as well as Preferred Pet Club savings!  The Carrollton PSP earned new neighbors that day with neighborly, knowledgeable service!  Neighbor Kate writes:

I visited my elderly grandmother this weekend in Carrollton and went to your store and was very impressed. She always gets her cat food in Newnan. The employees were all very friendly and upbeat when we walked inside. They were eager to help me help my grandmother find her cat food for we had never been there before. We were immediately greeted by the cashiers and the young manager (Kristen) on duty was informational. She immediately took us to the location of our product and went on to give us more helpful details about our cat food. She continued to show us other products and talked my grandmother into getting treats and a toy and I even bought things for my Yorkie, Carver to take back home. I liked that she made us feel like we were top priority. She escorted us to the cash register where she showed us how to earn savings. I just wanted to brag about this sweet employee who dropped everything to help us. I didn't get the chance to give her my appreciation due to her being called away. Would you please give her my thanks and I will definitely be returning to your store with my grandmother from now on. Thank you!

Monday, July 14, 2014

NEIGHBORLY and PET-CENTRIC Service in Our Dearborn Pet Center Doesn't Go Unnoticed!

Jack in our Dearborn, Michigan pet center was truly being neighborly when he handed over his mobile phone to Neighbor Melissa, who locked her keys in her trunk.  And, because he's a great multi-tasker, he was being neighborly with others in the pet center while he was helping Melissa!  She witnessed some great neighborly and pet-centric behavior that day and wanted to tell us about it:

HI, i just wanted to let you know what an amazing employee you have at your store in Dearborn. I was at your store yesterday on my way home from work and I locked my keys in my trunk. I went into the store to use the phone to attempt to get a hold of some one and Jack was there to help. He was willing to let me use his smart phone to contact a few people until I could get some one to answer. While I was waiting for my ride I witnessed jack not only be extremely friendly and helpful, but also very caring with every pet that came through the door. He was a great example of who you would want representing your company.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

NEIGHBORLY, TRUSTWORTHY, KNOWLEDGEABLE and PET-CENTRIC Service at the Kokomo Pet Center Fosters Neighbor Loyalty

Lance and Carol Ann in our Kokomo, Indiana location get a call out from Neighbor Jodie, who shops with us because of the great service she receives.  Their smiles and greetings go a long way toward being neighborly, but their concern for the animals' needs and their efforts to keep the dogs' favorite food in stock is a great example of pet-centric, trustworthy and knowledgeable service as well!  Great work, Lance, Carol Ann and the Kokomo team!

I just wanted to drop a note to tell you how much we appreciate the customer service we receive at our Kokomo, Indiana PSP store.  The staff is always friendly and helpful. Lance and Carol Ann show genuine concern for the needs of our animals and go above and beyond to provide the products we need for our animals.  The gals always greet us, our children and our dogs with a smile.  This afternoon, Lance inquired about which specific products our dogs were being fed so that he could be sure to have it in stock for us.  It's that kind of customer service that has earned our loyalty and keeps us choosing PSP over other pet stores in the area.  KUDOS!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Dog-At-Large Sasha Spends a Day at Work with our PET-CENTRIC, NEIGHBORLY, TRUSTWORTHY Team in Medford, MA!

Neighbor Jeanmarie praised Rich and the team members of the Medford, Massachusetts pet center for their pet-centric, neighborly and trustworthy actions.  Her beloved dog had escaped from the yard earlier that day, and her family was frantically looking for her. Turns out, she was following her mom to work!
As our team member Rich in Medford tells the tale, I was on my way into the store from the parking lot, and I noticed a beautiful husky bobbing around the cars...I grabbed hold of her harness and brought her into the store."  Rich attempted to reach out to the owner, but when no one answered, husky Sasha spent the day as an honorary team member.  She was safe and happy due to Rich's efforts.  Jeanmarie writes:

Great way to exemplify our PSP
values, Rich!

I just would like to acknowledge the employees at the Medford, Massachusetts store.  My husky got loose from my yard and was in their parking lot.  I don't know the name of the employee, but he took my dog into the store so she would be safe.  She'd crossed two major streets and was very lucky she didn't get hit by a car!  Someone from the store called my house but no one was home, as everyone was out looking for her.  

I work in the same plaza and when I was leaving work I saw someone walking a husky, and when I went up to them, it was my dog being walked by one of the workers at the store!  He was so nice, he walked my dog to my car.  It's nice to know there are still kind people in this world, and you have them working for your company.  Thanks again to the workers at the Medford, Massachusetts store!