Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Delaware, Ohio Pet Center Rolls Out a PET-CENTRIC, NEIGHBORLY Red Carpet for a Four-Legged Neighbor

Team members Ashley and Craig in our Delaware, Ohio pet center impressed a neighbor with their pet-centricity and quick thinking when they helped a Great Pyrenees having an issue with the slippery tile floor.  She wrote to tell us what happened:

Ash and Craig - big dog experts!
I am writing this letter to let you know about two of your employees at the Delaware, Ohio store.  I do not know their names, but they went way above and beyond the call of duty last Saturday (April 12, 2014)  This was a day there was a vet clinic being held at the back of the store.  I needed to take my two dogs in for shots.  One of them was no problem, as she is a 5 month old pup.  My other dog is a 6 year old working Great Pyrenees.  Roi is not your typical Great Pyrenees.  He weighs in at a whopping 240 pounds and has some joint weakness.  He is extremely fearful when he has to leave the barn and pastures.  He did pretty good getting up to the doors.  As soon as he hit the tile floor, his legs splayed out beneath him and he was terrified to get up.  Your employees jumped to help.  They went to get long carpets for him to walk on so he wouldn't slip on the floor.  As soon as Roi finished on one of the carpets, they would move it to the front of the other ones.  They kept up this process for the entire length of the store.  I was so impressed with their help and I thought that you deserved to know!  Kudos to them for their kindness and quick thinking.  We will be return customers over and over again!

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  1. What a great story- Way to act quickly to help the neighbor and her dog.!