Friday, June 20, 2014

Sarah in Garland, Texas Provides Fabulous, NEIGHBORLY Service Even In Her Free Time!

Neighbor Lenora wrote to tell us that she was delighted with the neighborly service she received from Sarah at our Garland, Texas pet center.  Not only did she try to help our neighbor find her missing bag of canned cat food, she did so after the store had closed!  Now, that's going above and beyond, offering the kind of service that brings our neighbors back again and again.

Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you what a great employee you have in Sarah at the Garland Texas store on NW/Centerville.  

From the time I first visited this store she made me feel welcome. She seemed so happy to assist me. Remembered me when I came back.   I just love going there for all my pet food needs--both for my cat and two dogs. It is much easier than going to Walmart and your prices are right in the same range.  Price lower or higher wouldn't matter that much to me if it were not for the excellent friendly service.   All the staff offers to assist me to take the big bags to the car, you don't get that at big box Walmart. 

Recently, I thought I may have left a bag of canned cat food at the store, the store was closed, but I saw Sarah on Face Book (as she happened to have gone to school with my niece and was her FB friend).  I messaged her to see if she might have known if I had left it in the store. Although she wasn't there that day, I thought she might have seen it later. She was very kind to message the person that checked me out. Before she could respond, I located it, in a very unlikely place.  I can't tell you what a blessing it was for someone to care enough to put my worries to rest,  She assured me that she knew that happens sometime and they would see what could be done. I knew she could have had an attitude that I needed to call the store during store hours or that I was simply trying to get over on the store, but she didn't she was very nice and offered her help. 

Pet Supplies Plus is the only store I buy my pet food, I don't see that changing anytime in the near future and that is thanks to your staff.  Please thank Sarah again for me.  You have a jewel in her as a employee. 

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