Monday, June 23, 2014

NEIGHBORLY, PET-CENTRIC Steubenville, Ohio Pet Center Helps Reunite Family with Their Dog

The folks at our Steubenville, Ohio pet center took the time to write us about how they helped a neighbor find their missing dog.  Did they put up flyers around the store?  Contact the local shelters?  Of course not.  The team in Steubenville helped reunite the family with their pup in a way that only Pet Supplies Plus could do:

Yesterday evening one of our fairly regular customers brought in a small older dog that they just found in a parking lot of a nearby shopping plaza. Today a teenage girl came into the store and asked if she could hang up a flyer for their lost dog.  Our shift leader, Kerry, immediately recognized the dog in the picture and went to the office to look up the people who brought it in the day before. 

After looking through the previous days' purchases he found the people who brought the dog in. They were able to contact the people and helped the family find their dog in a small town 20 miles from here. The family was so grateful that they brought a card and bag of goodies for us in thanks.

That's great neighborly service from shift leader Kerry, who not only recognized the dog, but then went above and beyond to reach the dog's rescuers so he could be reunited with his family!


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