Wednesday, May 14, 2014

KNOWLEDGEABLE, TRUSTWORTHY Service in Dallas, Texas, for a Neighbor Whose Pet Had Specific Dietary Requirements!

Aging dogs sometimes have health problems and require extra care, and when that's the issue, our Pet Supplies Plus team members are on the case!  A neighbor wrote in to tell us how Garry at our Dallas pet center made a difference when he took the time to understand Poodle's dietary requirements and had the perfect food recommendation (in the perfect sized bag!)
Garry made Poodle's day!
I would like to let you know that Garry at your Mockingbird and Skillman location is my new personal hero.  I was a loyal customer of the recently closed Canine Commissary here in Dallas and was looking for a new store. 
I went to Unleashed by Petco with very bad results and then to the Petco in Casa Linda with similar results. Today I stopped in the store above and Garry helped me.  Neither incarnation of Petco could help me with food for my 14 year old diabetic poodle that didn't have cellulose as a top ingredient and came in bags that weighed less than 33 pounds.  The manager at Petco told me that he didn't have any food with 8% fat or less. I found 3 when I looked around but they came in 33 pound bags and Poodle (yes, that's his name) eats a cup a day. The manager told me to go buy a bunch of gallon bags and freeze the 33 pounds.

Garry was familiar with his products, listened to my concerns and promptly solved them.  Please give him a pat on the back and I WILL be back.

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