Friday, May 2, 2014

KNOWLEDGABLE, NEIGHBORLY Team at the Morton Grove, Illinois Pet Center Wins Neighbor Loyalty

KC with another of her adoring fans,
an 8 week old Old English Sheepdog
The team, and especially team leader KC, made a great impression on Neighbor Jacquie when she came in not knowing quite what dog food she was looking for.  She writes:

I have sheepishly ventured into your store in Morton Grove for the first time a little while back. I walked around, let Lola, my Bichon, sniff and carry on. I was helped by your personnel and was satisfied. Today I walked in because I needed a particular dog food of which I forgot the name.  A young lady, KC was right there to help me out. She know exactly what I had forgotten and led me right to it. Oh what a delight to encounter someone with such clear knowledge of the store, the products and their locations. I asked who the manager was because I wanted to praise her.  Guess what! KC IS the manager. So here I am loving your store.  Good job folks!

Neighbor Jacquie

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