Monday, May 19, 2014

Jereme in Dallas Offers NEIGHBORLY, TRUSTWORTHY Service to a Happy Pet Owner

Neighbor Leslie wrote us to let us know that Jereme in our Dallas, Texas pet center at Forest and Marsh is doing an excellent job keeping her and her significant crew of pets happy:

Great work, Jereme!
Wanted to write about one of your outstanding employees at the Forest and Marsh store. His first name is Jereme and usually he is the person who is either stocking or helping folks take out heavy purchases. But Jereme is much more than that, he is one of the people at your store that not only spends "forever" helping me find a particular product that I have previously bought- that my cats love and I've forgotten the name of the brand- Jereme assists me in "searching" for the item- he also helps me by going to the back and checking to see if the product I've requested has arrived and not been placed on the shelves, yet and he gets the product out of the box and brings it to me. After making several unnecessary trips to your store- being told what I want is in- and it isn't- Jereme asked for my phone number so he could call me and let me know what I had requested was in the store.

Right now we are feeding 8 kitties- 3 inside (mine) and 5 outside that were abandoned, and birds, and my husband who teaches at Brookhaven college has gerbils for his science class- so I frequent your store more than once a week.  Jereme goes out of his way to make my shopping ever so much better- he's always polite, courteous and extremely helpful. Besides Aaron- who also calls me at home when a product finally arrives - Jereme is the best.  Jereme is consistently helpful!

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