Friday, May 30, 2014

When the Shelter Finds Themselves Full of Puppies, the PET-CENTRIC, NEIGHBORLY Jackson, Michigan Pet Center Throws a Party!

The Cascades Humane Society in Jackson County, Michigan recently found themselves in possession of 21 puppies and in need of a plan!  But they needn't have worried.  Daria Grinenko, Cascades Humane Society board member and Pet Supplies Plus franchise owner decided that she could generate some community support for the little tykes by throwing a puppy shower!

The shower, which took place on April 12, was a huge success.  From noon until 3PM, a local radio station broadcast from the Jackson pet center, and people were invited to review a registry and purchase items that the shelter needed.  A local newspaper showed up to take pictures, and over 90 adoption applications were collected for the precious, furry bundles.  Refreshments were served to all of the human attendees, and each of the puppies got to take home a gift bag filled with toys and treats!

The puppy shower is another great example of how creative Pet Supplies Plus teams are putting their heads together to help members of their community in need!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Team in Delaware, Ohio Tries a Little PET-CENTRIC Tenderness to Put a Dog at Ease

The grooming facility in our Delaware, Ohio pet center scored big points when they put a nervous dog at ease before starting the grooming process.  Our neighbor was so pleased to see that a little bit of doggie-love from the team helped make a dreaded process better for her pet.

Great things happen in the Delaware, Ohio Groom Room
I stopped in to your store last night in Delaware, Ohio.  A friendly employee greeted me right at the door and asked if she had permission to pet our dog. She asked if she could assist us in any way. I advised we were there to get some treats and asked about the dog grooming services.  She quickly got me some paperwork and some treats for our dog.  I advised her we were looking to get the dog's nails trimmed. She stated that they could do that right away as managers are qualified to do so.  I explained that our dog was nervous and anxious and I was not sure if they would be able to get them done and that was okay. She advised me to not worry and they would do the best they could. The last time I took her to another place she literally cried the entire way home and was shaking uncontrollably. They took a few minutes to pet her and talk to her and just make her relax. They successfully got all of her nails trimmed; a feat that is not easily conquered.  How amazing!! And...she loved them afterward still going to them and kissing them all over. I would like to thank Pet Supplies Plus for maintaining staff that truly cares and loves animals.  These girls really took the extra steps to make my dog feel secure.  You have just secured lifelong customers.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Our West Roxbury, Massachusetts Pet Center Strikes Up a NEIGHBORLY, PET-CENTRIC Partnership with a Small Local Shelter

Team members at our West Roxbury pet center are dedicated to helping homeless animals.  Our neighbor Sheera took the time to tell us how much their support means to a shelter when they're one of the "little guys."
I love my local West Roxbury, MA PSP store! I run a NO-KILL cat shelter since 2000 and have ALWAYS purchased supplies at Pet Supplies Plus. Our volunteers and foster homes are local patrons of your W. Roxbury store as well! The prices at PSP are much better than Petco, Petsmart and the supermarkets, and the staff is totally attentive and devoted to our shelter's needs at their store. When local people adopt our animals, we ALWAYS recommend shopping at your store!

This past holiday season we were thrilled to be the recipient of the PSP food and funds drive for the first time! So often we small shelters are overlooked for the larger, well-advertised KILL shelters, shelters that are completely supplied by large pet food corporations directly and have huge endowments. We are grateful to have been recognized as a supporter of your company that really needs your support, too. We hope to continue our relationship for years to come!

Neighbor Sheera & all the volunteers @ Second Chance Shelter for Cats

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

NEIGHBORLY, KNOWLEDGEABLE Service is Not Out To Lunch In Elyria, Ohio

Usually a team member will use a lunch break to rest and recharge for a few minutes before tackling the rest of his day, but not Tom in our Elyria, Ohio pet center!  Neighbor Faith wrote us a note to tell us that Tom's been using his time off to go above and beyond for her and her pets:
Tom knows his dog food!
I wanted to contact your company in regards to your customer service. 

I have worked in customer service my whole life and sadly I have to say that it is slowly flying out the window.  I recently shopped in your Elyria, Ohio store and here I had the pleasure dealing with the manager Tom.  This man is absolutly amazing.  He talked with me about 45 mins on different dog foods until I made a choice I was comfortable with.  Even after that,  I have been in several times (annoying) him.  He never acts bothered by me.  Today was another example of AWESOME customer service provided by this store.  I use a food that is not popular and they don't seem to ever have in stock in the larger bag.  I called the Westlake store, they are holding me a bag.  In the mean time Elyria store employee must have also called them and called me back to say he found the bag size at Westlake and he would go and pick it up for me since the Elyria store was closer for me to home.  This man is going on his lunch break to pick up MY dog food.  NOW THIS IS CUSTOMER SERVICE and this is why I will continue to shop at Pet Supplies Plus for all my pets' needs.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Jereme in Dallas Offers NEIGHBORLY, TRUSTWORTHY Service to a Happy Pet Owner

Neighbor Leslie wrote us to let us know that Jereme in our Dallas, Texas pet center at Forest and Marsh is doing an excellent job keeping her and her significant crew of pets happy:

Great work, Jereme!
Wanted to write about one of your outstanding employees at the Forest and Marsh store. His first name is Jereme and usually he is the person who is either stocking or helping folks take out heavy purchases. But Jereme is much more than that, he is one of the people at your store that not only spends "forever" helping me find a particular product that I have previously bought- that my cats love and I've forgotten the name of the brand- Jereme assists me in "searching" for the item- he also helps me by going to the back and checking to see if the product I've requested has arrived and not been placed on the shelves, yet and he gets the product out of the box and brings it to me. After making several unnecessary trips to your store- being told what I want is in- and it isn't- Jereme asked for my phone number so he could call me and let me know what I had requested was in the store.

Right now we are feeding 8 kitties- 3 inside (mine) and 5 outside that were abandoned, and birds, and my husband who teaches at Brookhaven college has gerbils for his science class- so I frequent your store more than once a week.  Jereme goes out of his way to make my shopping ever so much better- he's always polite, courteous and extremely helpful. Besides Aaron- who also calls me at home when a product finally arrives - Jereme is the best.  Jereme is consistently helpful!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Cranston, Rhode Island Pet Center Makes a Great Impression with NEIGHBORLY Service

Cranston's Team Leaders
Neighbor Betsey wrote a note praising the entire Cranston, Rhode Island pet center for the great service she gets every time she's in doing her shopping.  She writes:

I just wanted to drop a little praise for ALL of the employees at this store.  I go in about twice a month and I am always greeted with warm smiles and welcomes.  I have a hip injury and can not lift the dog food bag I get.  There is always an able-bodied and friendly associate available to help me put the large bag into my cart and then bring it to my car when the sale is complete.  There are at least four pet stores in the area that I can think of, all with competitive prices, but I wouldn't even consider going to any of those.  I am a loyal Pet Supplies Plus customer because you are all just that good.

Thank You for that,

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

KNOWLEDGEABLE, TRUSTWORTHY Service in Dallas, Texas, for a Neighbor Whose Pet Had Specific Dietary Requirements!

Aging dogs sometimes have health problems and require extra care, and when that's the issue, our Pet Supplies Plus team members are on the case!  A neighbor wrote in to tell us how Garry at our Dallas pet center made a difference when he took the time to understand Poodle's dietary requirements and had the perfect food recommendation (in the perfect sized bag!)
Garry made Poodle's day!
I would like to let you know that Garry at your Mockingbird and Skillman location is my new personal hero.  I was a loyal customer of the recently closed Canine Commissary here in Dallas and was looking for a new store. 
I went to Unleashed by Petco with very bad results and then to the Petco in Casa Linda with similar results. Today I stopped in the store above and Garry helped me.  Neither incarnation of Petco could help me with food for my 14 year old diabetic poodle that didn't have cellulose as a top ingredient and came in bags that weighed less than 33 pounds.  The manager at Petco told me that he didn't have any food with 8% fat or less. I found 3 when I looked around but they came in 33 pound bags and Poodle (yes, that's his name) eats a cup a day. The manager told me to go buy a bunch of gallon bags and freeze the 33 pounds.

Garry was familiar with his products, listened to my concerns and promptly solved them.  Please give him a pat on the back and I WILL be back.

Monday, May 12, 2014


Our neighbor, Liz, reached out to us recently to tell us about team member Michael, who was so helpful to her in choosing the right food for her cat.  Sadly, Michael passed away  suddenly, just a few weeks after she had this pleasant encounter.  We'd like to take a moment to remember this, and all the wonderful neighborly, trustworthy, pet-centric and knowledgeable service Michael provided here at Pet Supplies Plus.  He is very missed by his team and all the neighbors who enjoyed his expertise, great attitude and infectious smile.

I would like to recognize an employee for his help and kindness.  His name is Michael.  He used to work at the Manchester Rd., Coventry, Ohio store and was transferred to the Arlington Ridge Rd., Akron, Ohio store.

He is now a shift supervisor.  Michael always helps me find what ever I am looking for or checks to see if something is in stock, if not on the shelves. He also helped me choose a healthy dry food for my cat. He explained some differences in natural hard foods and let me know my cat would eat less of the new food, as it would be more filling. He took time to explain how to start taking the old food away. He is always pleasant, clean cut and smiles.

Neighbor Liz

Friday, May 9, 2014

NEIGHBORLY, PET-CENTRIC Owosso, Michigan Pet Center is an Awesome Partner to Local Shelter

Klinger has a new owner to love!
Partnering with our neighbors in the community is a huge part of who we are at Pet Supplies Plus, and the team at our Owosso, Michigan pet center take that mission to heart!  They team up regularly with the Shiawassee Humane Society to help homeless pets.  On March 15 and 16 the Owosso team held a St. Patrick's Day "Pitty Party" where "bully mix dogs were available for adoption." 

Turns out that Klinger, a pit and lab mix, had the luck o' the Irish when he found his new owner at that Pitty Party.  And after spending almost a year at the shelter!  Those are the kind of success stories our Owosso team likes to hear! 

The folks at the Shiawassee Humane Society were thrilled with the results of the event and all the help they've been getting from our folks in Owosso.  They posted this on Facebook to say thank you.  A huge pat on the back goes out to the whole group for making magic happen for homeless pets!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

PET-CENTRIC, NEIGHBORLY, KNOWLEDGEABLE and TRUSTWORTHY Sue in Fairfax Solves Mystery of Dying Fish (and More)!

Neighbor Aubrey struggled with the mystery of her dying fish until Sue in our Fairfax, Virginia pet center was able to help.  She wrote to tell us her tale:
Is that Sue checking up on the fish on her day off???
A few months ago I started an aquarium and bought most of my supplies from the PSP in Fairfax, Va. Unfortunately, during the past few months most all of my fish have died. My father and I went into the store to let them know about the horrible experience we were having with the tank. We went the whole nine yards trying to solve the issue but nothing seems to have worked. We spoke with Susan Bailey (Assistant Team Leader) and she was able to come up with a solution. I am writing because she is such an amazing employee that should be recognized for her hard work. She really went above and beyond for me.

The PSP in Fairfax is my number one source for all of my pet supplies. It's employees like Susan that build the awesome reputation that PSP has. Not only did she help the situation with my tank, but she always offers to help customers by carrying their things to their car. She is quick to help and patient with customers and the employees that work under her.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Two Thumbs Up for NEIGHBORLY and Gracious Response to a Declined Check in St. Clairsville, Ohio

Whether it's a mathematical error, a bank error, or even just a faulty system, we've all been someplace where our credit card or check was declined - and it can be very embarrassing!  Christine in our St. Clairsville, Ohio pet center knew our neighbor well and handled the situation graciously.  Our grateful neighbor took the time to write us:

I recently came home from my friendly Pet Supplies Plus store located in St. Clairsville, Ohio.  Although ALL of your employees at the store are friendly, Christine just stands out above the rest. She works in your fish department but has helped me with supplies for my furry friend as well.  Always a million dollar smile, I have yet to receive from her any "I'm too busy" attitude.  A few months ago I had new checks printed from my bank, and due to an error (the bank's fault) my purchase would not go through.  At the time the store was full of customers. How embarrassed I became!  Mortified in front of your staff and customers, and there she was from out of no where sticking up for me saying that I was a GREAT customer and that this had to be an error from the bank.  Now that is CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!  I wish she was duplicated and put in other stores I shop at. Just thought I would let you folks know first hand you have a remarkable, irreplaceable employee in your St.Clairsville store.

Friday, May 2, 2014

KNOWLEDGABLE, NEIGHBORLY Team at the Morton Grove, Illinois Pet Center Wins Neighbor Loyalty

KC with another of her adoring fans,
an 8 week old Old English Sheepdog
The team, and especially team leader KC, made a great impression on Neighbor Jacquie when she came in not knowing quite what dog food she was looking for.  She writes:

I have sheepishly ventured into your store in Morton Grove for the first time a little while back. I walked around, let Lola, my Bichon, sniff and carry on. I was helped by your personnel and was satisfied. Today I walked in because I needed a particular dog food of which I forgot the name.  A young lady, KC was right there to help me out. She know exactly what I had forgotten and led me right to it. Oh what a delight to encounter someone with such clear knowledge of the store, the products and their locations. I asked who the manager was because I wanted to praise her.  Guess what! KC IS the manager. So here I am loving your store.  Good job folks!

Neighbor Jacquie