Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Pinellas Park, Florida Puts On A NEIGHBORLY, PET-CENTRIC Rescue Event

A big pat on the back to the Pinellas Park, Florida team and franchise owner Dave Oser for helping to make the fifth annual Parade of Rescues happen! Since its first appearance in 2009, this adoption event has grown to include nearly 30 rescue organizations in the Tampa Bay area. The event was designed to provide neighbors with a great opportunity to meet a variety of adoptable dogs and cats from rescue groups throughout the state.
In a press release, owner Dave Oser shared the following:
Considering that one quarter of animals entering shelters are purebred and most are under 18 months old, we truly believe that anyone can find the pet they want through adoption. We created this event five years ago in hopes of helping large numbers of homeless animals find caring families.
Food and beverage were sold at the event, along with K9 unit demonstrations and Q&A with a local veterinarian. As you can see, it drew quite a crowd!  Event co-coordinator Pat Hose of the Dalmation Rescue of Tampa Bay wrote the following to Dave and all the event's participants:

Sorry I've been slow to get this out, I'm still in event recovery mode, but my heartfelt THANKS to all of you that came out for the Parade of Rescues... I hope you had a great day with much success! Tremendous thanks go to Dave Oser & the entire Pet Supplies Plus team for their continuing commitment to support rescues. We were happy to see ALL the vendors that joined us for the event. Three lucky rescues won 20# bags of dog food for their rescues & each rescue received a $10 gift card to use in the store!

Congratulations to the whole Pinellas Park team for making such an impact on their neighborhood!


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