Monday, April 14, 2014

NEIGHBORLY, PET-CENTRIC Teamwork Provides Help to Scranton's Animals in Need

Al and the Scranton, Pennsylvania Pet Center Team are making a difference in their community by teaming up with the Griffin Pond Animal Shelter and Vern's Agway to help keep animals warm and fed this season.  Neighbor Sandy wrote this note of thanks...

I shop at Pet Supplies Plus on the Scranton/Carbondale Highway in Dickson City Pa. I love the store and the people that work there. Everyone is always happy and helpful. The store is clean and inviting. I am on my third week as a Humane Society Police Officer for Griffin Pond Animal Shelter. When I started this position we had freezing weather. I wanted to restart a program that was here years ago. Winterization Care Kits. Straw and feed bags were donated from Vern's Agway in LaPlume. We put two flakes of straw inside the bag along with a couple food sample bags if we have them for the animals that might not have enough to eat. The shelter didn't have any sample bags at the time. I called Al at Pet Supplies and he was so helpful and thought the idea was good also. He ordered some sample bags for our kits. Things are hard to get when you're a non-profit. Thanks to Al and Agway, there are animals keeping warm and have some food in their belly. We have the kits available at the shelter free to anyone in need. Al and his team are great for this community. They have always been a great support to have and to help those in need. There should be more kindness like this in the world. It would be a better place.

Thank You Al and his great team.

Al and the Fabulous Scranton, PA team are making animals' lives better!

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