Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Our customer service area is busy helping our neighbors every day so they have what they need.  Our neighbor Teddy called one day and passed along this great story about Bill Senior at #199 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, who went above and beyond to help with a sick cat.  Representative Barb recounted her conversation for us:

I got a phone call from our neighbor Teddy about Bill Senior at #199. Teddy told me that Bill went above and beyond any expectation of customer service he ever had. Teddy has a sick cat and has been taking him to the vet.  It was not going well.  Bill took the time to talk with Teddy about the diagnosis his cat was given, researched what food would be best for the cat and gave Teddy the information.  Bill also recommended a vet that might be able to do a treatment/medication that Teddy wanted to try, which was a treatment his vet was not familiar with.

Teddy called the vet and was not able to get an appointment, and after Bill heard about it he called the vet and was able to get Teddy and his cat in.

Bill has been calling the Teddy to see how his cat is doing and really cares about the health of the cat.  Teddy has changed the food to the one Bill suggested. It’s too early to see if it will help the sick cat but according to Teddy his other cats are thriving on the food.

Teddy says PSP now has a lifetime customer thanks to Bill.

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