Monday, April 7, 2014

NEIGHBORLY, KNOWLEDGEABLE, PET-CENTRIC and TRUSTWORTHY Cat Expertise Dispensed to a Thankful Customer in Washington Twp, Michigan

The staff of pet center #130 in Washington Twp., Michigan, were caught red-handed and charged with fantastic neighborly service when this neighbor found herself the adopted owner of a stray cat...
I live on a farm, and one day a kitty just showed up on the porch.  So she just never left, and she made friends with my doggie, so I got some food for her and made her a bed in the barn and all was well.  Well out here in Michigan it's been below zero quite a few times and I just couldn't leave her outside, so I brought her in.  I have never had a cat before, so I went up to the Washington store on 30 Mile Road and Van Dyke.  I told an employee my situation and she took me around the store helping get the things I would need for an inside cat and explaining how to take care of things.  I told her I wanted to get her a toy, but my dog would steal it and eat it (golden retriever) so she showed me the laser light is perfect.  I just wanted you to know how fantastic she was and all the other employees as well.  You have a great staff out there!!!!  They even helped me put my items in the car...while another of your staff was out shoveling all around the entrance's on a strip of stores, and I can tell you no one else does that!!  And it was 3 degrees outside.  I just think you should give them a call and let them know how much they are appreciated!!!  I will be a forever customer!
Neighbor Shari

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