Wednesday, April 30, 2014

KNOWLEDGEABLE and PET-CENTRIC Livonia Team Helping to Boost a Shy Dog's Confidence

The fabulous team in our Livonia, Michigan pet center helped a grateful pet owner's dog come out of her shell a little bit.  Shy Ella is coming into her own now that she's stopping in for regular visits and collecting love from the whole Livonia gang.  Our neighbor writes:

Hello!  I just wanted to write a glowing review for the store located on Middlebelt and 7 Mile Road in Livonia, Michigan. It is right next to a gas station... The staff is amazing!! I went there one time, and they told me to bring my skittish dog in, and get her used to people. Ella did really well, and each time since then that I have brought her in, she does even better than the last time! Today she went right up to a stranger and I gave him a treat to give her and she was a little shy, but didn't hold back completely like she would have a couple weeks ago. All thanks to the employees who have helped me, and Ella  so much. I love this place, and I will continue to make it the place I go for all my pets needs.
Behold the awesomeness of the Livonia staff, seven of whom
are pictured here!  Ella loves you!

Monday, April 28, 2014

KNOWLEDGEABLE Chicago Pet Center Staff Gets an A for Effort on School Project!

We here at Pet Supplies Plus know that knowledge is king.  If a neighbor asks for information on a certain dog food or cat toy, we're right there with the answer.  It's absolutely no different when we get charged with a grade school project!

Jessica Hamman, the assistant store team leader in our West Foster, Chicago Pet Center, helped grade-schooler Erin with a project that resulted in a fabulous diorama of the store.  No doubt the attendees of community night at Erin's school were dazzled by this artistic feat!

Friday, April 25, 2014


Neighbor Sherry, the President of ABC Bassett Hound Rescue in New York, was thrilled that she could count on our Cheektowaga grooming team to help clean and beautify some dirty doggies in need.  She writes...

I got an urgent call on Sunday to pick up two 10 month old puppies when their owner went into the hospital. I was warned before I left that they were "dirty, very dirty". Once I got them and put them in the van, I knew where my first stop was to be.... Pet Supplies Plus in Cheektowaga. I pulled up out front and went inside to the grooming salon where Jenn didn't bat an eyelash when she said "bring them in". Asst Mgr, Megan, saw us outside with the van and puppies and came out to offer her assistance. Jenn told me to pick them up in an hour and when I did, she even gave the rescue the "first time puppy" price. When I thanked Jenn for her help and getting them in immediately, she said "anything for you guys". I truly feel like Jenn, Megan, Liz, Wendy & Denise truly appreciate us as customers of PSP. They aren't just retail clerks and sales people, they are true animal lovers...and it shows.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Our NEIGHBORLY, PET-CENTRIC Waltham, Massachusetts Team Uses Social Media to Help a Neighbor Find Her Dog

Store Team Leader Christina Khouri of the Waltham, Massachusetts Pet Supplies Plus was very proud of her whole team when they joined forces to find a neighbor's missing dog.  She wrote a quick note to us to give us the details:

Jackie's in for a treat and a toy when
she returns to our Waltham pet center!
Just wanted to share a simple gesture for a neighbor of ours who comes in all the time. Her dog Jackie went missing two days ago and we were devastated when we found out. She gave us fliers to post in the pet center which we did and we all shared them on our Facebook page in hopes of finding the dog. Today we got the word that Jackie was found safe! We called the neighbor when we found out and told her we were so happy that Jackie was alive and well that we were setting aside a toy and a treat for her when she comes for her next visit.

We are all so happy that Jackie is safe we wanted to share what we were doing for our neighbor who shops with us regularly!

Monday, April 21, 2014

NEIGHBORLY, PET-CENTRIC Service Wins Kudos in Fairfax, Virginia

A pat-on-the-back goes out to Stephanie Quillen at our Fairfax, Virginia store for being extra neighborly and pet-centric to neighbors Matt and Susan!  Matt and Susan took the time to tell us what a leader Stephanie is in the note below:
We have become regular, enthusiastic customers of the PSP store in Fairfax.  Our loyalty to the store since moving to Fairfax in June is based largely on the outstanding customer service and personality of Ms. Quillen, the team leader.  Last week, our beloved cairn terrier, Gunner, was experiencing some difficulties which we discussed with Ms. Quillen.  She was wonderful in her expression of concern, her warmth and her follow up on our concern by phone and email. 

This was not our first encounter with Ms. Quillen, who has consistently been warm and inviting and has put a fantastic "face" on this up and coming store.  Once we arrived at the store before it opened (thinking that Gunner's grooming appointment was earlier than it was) and Ms. Quillen noticed us outside.  She came out to welcome us, suggesting that we wait inside. 

We will continue to do our part in talking up the outstanding features of this store.  With each positive story that we share with our pet owning friends, Ms. Quillen will be front and center in our story.  We have been in many pet stores with our dogs over time and in several states, and Ms. Quillen is the most amazing leader we have encountered. 

Best wishes on your stores' continued success!  If Ms. Quillen represents your overall leadership, we have no doubt that great success will follow.

Thank you!
Matt and Susan

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Our customer service area is busy helping our neighbors every day so they have what they need.  Our neighbor Teddy called one day and passed along this great story about Bill Senior at #199 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, who went above and beyond to help with a sick cat.  Representative Barb recounted her conversation for us:

I got a phone call from our neighbor Teddy about Bill Senior at #199. Teddy told me that Bill went above and beyond any expectation of customer service he ever had. Teddy has a sick cat and has been taking him to the vet.  It was not going well.  Bill took the time to talk with Teddy about the diagnosis his cat was given, researched what food would be best for the cat and gave Teddy the information.  Bill also recommended a vet that might be able to do a treatment/medication that Teddy wanted to try, which was a treatment his vet was not familiar with.

Teddy called the vet and was not able to get an appointment, and after Bill heard about it he called the vet and was able to get Teddy and his cat in.

Bill has been calling the Teddy to see how his cat is doing and really cares about the health of the cat.  Teddy has changed the food to the one Bill suggested. It’s too early to see if it will help the sick cat but according to Teddy his other cats are thriving on the food.

Teddy says PSP now has a lifetime customer thanks to Bill.

Monday, April 14, 2014

NEIGHBORLY, PET-CENTRIC Teamwork Provides Help to Scranton's Animals in Need

Al and the Scranton, Pennsylvania Pet Center Team are making a difference in their community by teaming up with the Griffin Pond Animal Shelter and Vern's Agway to help keep animals warm and fed this season.  Neighbor Sandy wrote this note of thanks...

I shop at Pet Supplies Plus on the Scranton/Carbondale Highway in Dickson City Pa. I love the store and the people that work there. Everyone is always happy and helpful. The store is clean and inviting. I am on my third week as a Humane Society Police Officer for Griffin Pond Animal Shelter. When I started this position we had freezing weather. I wanted to restart a program that was here years ago. Winterization Care Kits. Straw and feed bags were donated from Vern's Agway in LaPlume. We put two flakes of straw inside the bag along with a couple food sample bags if we have them for the animals that might not have enough to eat. The shelter didn't have any sample bags at the time. I called Al at Pet Supplies and he was so helpful and thought the idea was good also. He ordered some sample bags for our kits. Things are hard to get when you're a non-profit. Thanks to Al and Agway, there are animals keeping warm and have some food in their belly. We have the kits available at the shelter free to anyone in need. Al and his team are great for this community. They have always been a great support to have and to help those in need. There should be more kindness like this in the world. It would be a better place.

Thank You Al and his great team.

Al and the Fabulous Scranton, PA team are making animals' lives better!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Patches Delivers Pet Supplies Plus Core Values at Our Grand Openings

Patches the Dog is an important part of every Pet Supplies Plus grand opening!  As the mascot of America's Favorite Neighborhood Pet Store, Patches is the Pet Supplies Plus ambassador to every new neighborhood in which we build a store.

Our mascot connecting with neighbors!
Even before the grand opening event, Patches will ride in the mobile billboard truck, and he visits schools and local parks to build awareness about our new pet centers.  Of course, he gets a lot of attention because he's being so neighborly and trustworthy (and he's so darned cute!)

Then on the day of the grand opening, Patches is in the pet center greeting guests, out on the street corner waving at traffic, and spreading merriment wherever he goes!

Of course, there's a Pet Supplies Plus team member inside that Patches costume, all of whom do a great job of engaging with the neighbors and the pets.  A pat-on-the-back goes out to all the Patches who have come before him and are yet to be - you do a great job of conveying the neighborly, trustworthy, pet-centric attitude of Pet Supplies Plus right out of the gate!

Monday, April 7, 2014

NEIGHBORLY, KNOWLEDGEABLE, PET-CENTRIC and TRUSTWORTHY Cat Expertise Dispensed to a Thankful Customer in Washington Twp, Michigan

The staff of pet center #130 in Washington Twp., Michigan, were caught red-handed and charged with fantastic neighborly service when this neighbor found herself the adopted owner of a stray cat...
I live on a farm, and one day a kitty just showed up on the porch.  So she just never left, and she made friends with my doggie, so I got some food for her and made her a bed in the barn and all was well.  Well out here in Michigan it's been below zero quite a few times and I just couldn't leave her outside, so I brought her in.  I have never had a cat before, so I went up to the Washington store on 30 Mile Road and Van Dyke.  I told an employee my situation and she took me around the store helping get the things I would need for an inside cat and explaining how to take care of things.  I told her I wanted to get her a toy, but my dog would steal it and eat it (golden retriever) so she showed me the laser light is perfect.  I just wanted you to know how fantastic she was and all the other employees as well.  You have a great staff out there!!!!  They even helped me put my items in the car...while another of your staff was out shoveling all around the entrance's on a strip of stores, and I can tell you no one else does that!!  And it was 3 degrees outside.  I just think you should give them a call and let them know how much they are appreciated!!!  I will be a forever customer!
Neighbor Shari

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Pinellas Park, Florida Puts On A NEIGHBORLY, PET-CENTRIC Rescue Event

A big pat on the back to the Pinellas Park, Florida team and franchise owner Dave Oser for helping to make the fifth annual Parade of Rescues happen! Since its first appearance in 2009, this adoption event has grown to include nearly 30 rescue organizations in the Tampa Bay area. The event was designed to provide neighbors with a great opportunity to meet a variety of adoptable dogs and cats from rescue groups throughout the state.
In a press release, owner Dave Oser shared the following:
Considering that one quarter of animals entering shelters are purebred and most are under 18 months old, we truly believe that anyone can find the pet they want through adoption. We created this event five years ago in hopes of helping large numbers of homeless animals find caring families.
Food and beverage were sold at the event, along with K9 unit demonstrations and Q&A with a local veterinarian. As you can see, it drew quite a crowd!  Event co-coordinator Pat Hose of the Dalmation Rescue of Tampa Bay wrote the following to Dave and all the event's participants:

Sorry I've been slow to get this out, I'm still in event recovery mode, but my heartfelt THANKS to all of you that came out for the Parade of Rescues... I hope you had a great day with much success! Tremendous thanks go to Dave Oser & the entire Pet Supplies Plus team for their continuing commitment to support rescues. We were happy to see ALL the vendors that joined us for the event. Three lucky rescues won 20# bags of dog food for their rescues & each rescue received a $10 gift card to use in the store!

Congratulations to the whole Pinellas Park team for making such an impact on their neighborhood!