Monday, March 24, 2014

NEIGHBORLY Service in Owosso, MI Adds Some Light to A Customer's Stressful Day

Our Owosso, Michigan location knows just how much NEIGHBORLY service can brighten even the most stressful kind of day.  This neighbor took the time to write us about her experience, after she nearly lost her husband twice in the operating room the day of her visit:

Part of the Owosso team, celebrating Michigan/
Michigan State Day!
Pet Supplies Plus carries a wide variety of grain-free food.  I need this for my one dog that needs it.  I’d like to tell you about a recent visit, though.  My husband was in the hospital and I was exhausted.  I stopped in and was flustered.  I got to the check-out and had forgotten to get an item.  The cashier ran back and got the item for me.  Your staff has always been exceptional at this store.  No difference today.  The young woman waiting on me just perked me up and made me smile before I left.  I felt like telling her all about my day.  I didn’t because she was busy and there were customers behind me.  But she was so friendly, I almost felt she was someone I could talk to.

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  1. You never know when your actions just brighten someone's day that really needs it. Great job making a difference in the nighbors day. Also love the School Spirit- Go State!