Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Helping a Neighbor in Canton, OH is a great example of NEIGHBORLY service!

Way to go, Brian!
Not only do we act as the voice of the pet in our pet centers, we sometimes have to act as the arms and legs of the pet parents!  Read below to see how Brian in our Canton store made a lasting impression on a neighbor:
Last Monday I went to your store on Cromer Rd. (30th Street Plaza - Canton, Ohio).  As soon as I walked in the door, your employee Brian saw that my arm was in a sling.  After greeting me, he went on to say if there was anything I needed help with... putting things in the cart, etc. taking things out to the car... just let him know.  He was so friendly.  A short time later, he checked with me to see if I needed anything.  He really went above and beyond, and was so terribly nice.  I had just been in Marc's where the check-out man didn't give a darn that I was struggling with my one-arm situation.  How refreshing to go right into PSP and be treated so nicely. 

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