Monday, February 24, 2014

A KNOWLEDGEABLE Team Member Delights a Neighbor in Canton, OH

Hey, Nick!
Pat on the Back to Nick in Canton, OH for his KNOWLEDGE on dog food and taking the time to explain the in’s and out to a new pet parent! 

This evening around 5:31pm, I stopped in your Pet Supplies Plus store on 30th St. N.E. in Canton, Ohio to purchase some puppy food for our new Shih Tzu.  I was slightly uncertain about what brand to purchase as I did not want any ingredients as egg, grains, etc.  Your salesman by the name of Nick helped me tremendously - very informative - took the time to explain the differences in brands. It was refreshing for a clerk to be so professional and friendly. Not all sales clerks are created equal.  It was truly a pleasant experience. 
Thank you,


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  1. Great job Nick! I have a new puppy also and know you really made a difference with helping our Nieghbor know she is feeding her new family member a healthy diet.