Wednesday, January 8, 2014

PETCENTRIC Leader to the Rescue!

A PETCENTRIC culture in a pet center starts with its leadership. Bill (Team Leader in North Aurora, IL #188) is a role model for this paw print behavior as you can see in the story below.

Those of us in the Midwest and East Coast needed a heartWARMING story like this on such a cold day!

A baby starling bird literally hobbled into the North Aurora pet center this morning, frozen, hungry and incredibly cute. Bill picked him up with a towel and put him in a carrier with towels to keep him warm. He rested comfortably in the office. Bill called our adoption partner, Aurora Animal Control and Care, to pick him up and check him out to make sure he is healthy.

Pat on the Back to Bill for taking care of our neighbors- even the ones with feathers!


  1. Great Job Bill! Not everyone knows how to help our "wild" feathered friends when they are in need.Glad to hear you were there to lend a hand!

  2. This is a heart-warming and bird-warming story. The bird knew who to go to in need :)