Monday, January 20, 2014

NEIGHBORLY Service in Adrian, MI Won the Heart of a 9-year old

The letter below was published by a mother on her blog.  The service that was provided at pet center #152 truly describes what it means to be America’s Favorite Neighborhood Pet Store. It doesn’t just happen, rather it takes patient, kindhearted pet lovers, like the team members in Adrian, to offer KNOWLEDGEABLE, NEIGHBORLY, PETCENTRIC and TRUSTWORTHY service.

Pat on the Back to the team in Adrian, MI for providing such memorable service!

The Girl Who Loved A Crab – An Open Letter To Pet Supplies Plus

To Whom It May Concern,

On the evening of October 17, 2013 my 9-year-old daughter and I showed up at Pet Supplies Plus in Adrian, MI about 45 minutes before closing. She had pulled together all of her recent birthday money and savings and had about $36 with her. She was a girl on a mission to buy a hermit crab.

I have no idea how she became so fascinated with hermit crabs or why she wanted one so badly, but she’s talked about it for years. When the time arrived she was beside herself! It was important to her that everything be just right…

There were 3 people working (that we saw) during the time we were there. They were helping the other customers with their expensive purchases of exotic reptiles and massive bags of specialty dog food. They were cleaning up and feeding the animals and generally ready to close up for the night.

Despite the late hour and their obvious busy-ness each of the three took the time to say hello, ask us if we needed anything, answer our questions, and – most important – smile at my little girl who was near-bursting with joy.

My girl had to examine every crab, “Every, Single, Crab”. Then she had to go see which extra shells were available. Then she was back to examining the crabs again so she could compare which crabs “matched” the extra shells. It was crucial that she choose exactly the right one, you know!

Once she picked out her favorite we needed food and salt water conditioner and a heat lamp and all the things you need to provide comfort to the Most Important Crab In The Universe.

The employees at the store answered every question with patience and kindness. They explained about being aware if the cold air vents and windows that are too sunny. They showed all the different kinds of food and provided a print-out of what kind of treats my daughter could give her pet. Thy offered their advice on which products and brands were superior, which items could be skipped over by a child with limited funds and suggested that some things would be nice for her crab to have (including a crabby friend or two) but that those could wait a while until she had earned some more money.

They never rushed her. They never spoke down to her. They understood that she (not I) was the customer and they treated her with the utmost respect, never once giving any indication that they were annoyed to be helping a (child) customer at such late hour who was, obviously, not going to be the big spender.

They earned our loyalty!

Thank you for hiring men and women of such character. They helped the most precious person in my world find her new special friend and I can promise you that no crustacean in the world will be more loved or better cared for than Henry the Crab!


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