Friday, January 31, 2014

KNOWLEDGEABLE & TRUSTWORTHY Service in Lake in the Hills

Liz, Groomer at pet center #213 went the extra step to care for her neighbor and their Airedale Terrier.  This story exemplifies TRUSTWORTHY service and sets Pet Supplies Plus apart from the others. Pat on the Back to Liz!

Liz groomed an Airedale Terrier named Bentley several weeks ago. During his groom she noticed a “bump” on his leg. Looking at it, it appeared to be a tick. It was the same color and had what appeared to be legs. She wasn’t 100% sure about it so she did not pull it. At the end of the groom, she let pet mom know about it and recommended that she have her vet look at it.

The neighbor came in the other night and told Liz that at first the vet though it was a tick as well, but after closer inspection he realized it was a growth. She said the vet wanted to do surgery ASAP. She told Liz that due to its nature and location (on the leg where there is no meaty tissue) that there would come a point where the vet would not be able to take it off. If it was cancer Bentley would eventually lost his leg or even his life. Bentley’s mom told Liz that the vet thought that it had been there for 6 plus months. She gets Bentley groomed regularly every 6-8 weeks and her previous groomer never said a thing about it. She had no idea it was there because of his longer hair.

Bentley has recovered and thankfully the growth was non-cancerous. The neighbor had tears in her eyes when she thanked Liz and said that she will always come to our salon to have Bentley groomed because she knows Liz is a true pet lover.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A NEIGHBORLY Conversation Leads to a Unique Opportunity!

Amber, Store Team Leader in West Lake, OH, doesn't miss an opportunity to chat with her neighbors when they are shopping.  About two years ago, Amber met Deb, who had skunks on her shirt and a car dressed up as a skunk.  Amber wasn't going to miss the opportunity to find out what this was all about!   After learning about Deb’s love for skunks and that she owns a non-profit rescue organization for skunks, Amber asked Deb if she would like to educate her neighbors about skunks. Deb welcomed the opportunity to set up a table on the weekends.
The relationship grew over the years. Amber noticed Deb purchased Natures Variety frozen and dry food for her shelter. Amber got together with the vendor representatives for coupons. Amber decided to set up donation funds by having neighbors purchase cans at the register to help this local shelter. Deb was so touched by Amber and her team’s efforts to help this petcentric cause. 
Deb was contacted by Discovery Channel a couple weeks ago to do a feature on her Skunk Haven non-profit organization.  The first person Deb called was Amber to have the filming done in the Pet Supplies Plus store.  The feature will be aired in the upcoming months- stay tuned!
This story goes to show that you never know where a NEIGHBORLY conversation can go. Clearly this conversation has turned into a mutually beneficial friendship and long-term partnership. Pat on the back to Amber!

NEIGHBORLY Open House in Seymour

Pet Depot opened its doors to the community to see first-hand what Pet Supplies Plus is all about!  Some of our visitors included the Mayor of Seymour, Economic Development representatives from Seymour and Indianapolis, the head of the Chamber of Commerce, several leaders of Banks, Insurance companies, Mercy Rescue, the Humane Society and family and friends of Pet Depot team members. 

Special thanks to ‘Patches,’ our PSP mascot, who made the day even more enjoyable for all who attended. 

Pat on the Back to our Pet Depot team for organizing this NEIGHBORLY open house! 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Short Hills, NJ Creates a Memorable Shopping Experience

Hey ,Lisa!
Pat on the Back to the team at Short Hills, NJ, especially Lisa, Regional Team Groomer, for going above and beyond for our neighbors by giving them unexpected treats and a memorable experience!  Check out this great note!

Pet Supplies Plus is quickly winning my loyalty. I go to the store in Short Hills mostly for grooming and found my experience today to be exceptional.

The groomer Lisa is consistently attentive to my request and added little extras like holiday bandanna and Christmas cookie scent to make me and my dog Riesling feel special. 

The store also gave me a gift for my purchase and free treats.  I was happy to see the prices were reasonable and competitive with the local box stores nearby.

Up to now I have been loyal to Petsmart but may be changing my loyalty soon. I have a dog, bird and fish.  I did all of my holiday pet shopping today and feel the prices and selection to be just right. 

Keep up the good work. I am happy to see the store doing so well.     


TRUSTWORTHY Environment in the Pet Depot

Pat on the Back to the Pet Depot for 200 days with no lost time accidents! Talk about a TRUSTWORTHY environment. The team celebrated this great success with a steak dinner that was prepared by the leadership.

Monday, January 20, 2014

NEIGHBORLY Service in Adrian, MI Won the Heart of a 9-year old

The letter below was published by a mother on her blog.  The service that was provided at pet center #152 truly describes what it means to be America’s Favorite Neighborhood Pet Store. It doesn’t just happen, rather it takes patient, kindhearted pet lovers, like the team members in Adrian, to offer KNOWLEDGEABLE, NEIGHBORLY, PETCENTRIC and TRUSTWORTHY service.

Pat on the Back to the team in Adrian, MI for providing such memorable service!

The Girl Who Loved A Crab – An Open Letter To Pet Supplies Plus

To Whom It May Concern,

On the evening of October 17, 2013 my 9-year-old daughter and I showed up at Pet Supplies Plus in Adrian, MI about 45 minutes before closing. She had pulled together all of her recent birthday money and savings and had about $36 with her. She was a girl on a mission to buy a hermit crab.

I have no idea how she became so fascinated with hermit crabs or why she wanted one so badly, but she’s talked about it for years. When the time arrived she was beside herself! It was important to her that everything be just right…

There were 3 people working (that we saw) during the time we were there. They were helping the other customers with their expensive purchases of exotic reptiles and massive bags of specialty dog food. They were cleaning up and feeding the animals and generally ready to close up for the night.

Despite the late hour and their obvious busy-ness each of the three took the time to say hello, ask us if we needed anything, answer our questions, and – most important – smile at my little girl who was near-bursting with joy.

My girl had to examine every crab, “Every, Single, Crab”. Then she had to go see which extra shells were available. Then she was back to examining the crabs again so she could compare which crabs “matched” the extra shells. It was crucial that she choose exactly the right one, you know!

Once she picked out her favorite we needed food and salt water conditioner and a heat lamp and all the things you need to provide comfort to the Most Important Crab In The Universe.

The employees at the store answered every question with patience and kindness. They explained about being aware if the cold air vents and windows that are too sunny. They showed all the different kinds of food and provided a print-out of what kind of treats my daughter could give her pet. Thy offered their advice on which products and brands were superior, which items could be skipped over by a child with limited funds and suggested that some things would be nice for her crab to have (including a crabby friend or two) but that those could wait a while until she had earned some more money.

They never rushed her. They never spoke down to her. They understood that she (not I) was the customer and they treated her with the utmost respect, never once giving any indication that they were annoyed to be helping a (child) customer at such late hour who was, obviously, not going to be the big spender.

They earned our loyalty!

Thank you for hiring men and women of such character. They helped the most precious person in my world find her new special friend and I can promise you that no crustacean in the world will be more loved or better cared for than Henry the Crab!


Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Lasting First Impression in Fishers, IN!

You get one chance to make a pawsitive first impression!  We loved this note from a neighbor in Fishers, IN who was impressed by the NEIGHBORLY service provided (even before the pet center officially opened)!

Thank you so much for opening a store in Fishers, Indiana!  My husband and I have been loyal customers of the Noblesville, Indiana store for a long time, but we live in Fishers. When I saw the Pet Supplies Plus store sign appear on a building very near our own neighborhood, I was really excited, and my husband was glad to learn you were coming to our home town, too.  I was so eager to be a customer.

I came to the store yesterday, thinking it was already open for business. A friendly man was standing outside in front, and told me I was ONE DAY too early!  He actually offered to sell me something if I had an urgent need, which I didn’t.  He went inside and brought me out one of your ad papers. 

Today I went back with a coupon in hand from the ad paper, and I was helped by a very friendly and courteous young man.  He carried my big dog food bag out to my car for me, which was great!  I’m 57 years old, and I appreciated his offer of help! So thanks again! I really hope the new, Fishers, IN store does a booming business!!!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

NEIGHBORLY Fun at Seymour’s Oktoberfest

Pet Supplies Plus’ Pet Depot sponsored the main stage at the annual Seymour, IN Octoberfest.  This is a HUGE community event in Seymour. What a great way for our neighbors to get more familiar with PSP.  

Picture of Jerry Troupe, Transportation Manager, 
Jim Poole, Sr. Operations Manager, 
Jim Jelinek, VP DC Operations, 
Lynn Vawter, HR Manager
Tammy Hammack, Industrial Engineer

Delighted Neighbor in West Roxbury, MA

Hey, Joe!
Pat on the Back for Joe in #9003 for his NEIGHBORLY service.  Here is a note from a loyal neighbor. 

Earlier today I paid a visit to the Pet Supplies Plus store. Your employee name Joe was in the process of assisting another customer and assured me he would be right over to help. I was in the process of starting a new fish tank.  Joe found me and proceeded to assist me in setting up my new tank. He answered all my questions with professional ease. I really appreciate being provided this quality of service!


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

PETCENTRIC Leader to the Rescue!

A PETCENTRIC culture in a pet center starts with its leadership. Bill (Team Leader in North Aurora, IL #188) is a role model for this paw print behavior as you can see in the story below.

Those of us in the Midwest and East Coast needed a heartWARMING story like this on such a cold day!

A baby starling bird literally hobbled into the North Aurora pet center this morning, frozen, hungry and incredibly cute. Bill picked him up with a towel and put him in a carrier with towels to keep him warm. He rested comfortably in the office. Bill called our adoption partner, Aurora Animal Control and Care, to pick him up and check him out to make sure he is healthy.

Pat on the Back to Bill for taking care of our neighbors- even the ones with feathers!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

TRUSTWORTHY groomer in West Springfield, MA

Hey, Noah!
Pat on the Back to Noah in West Springfield, MA for providing a memorable grooming experience for this neighbor and her pet.

We took our Bijonpoo to the West Springfield, Massachusetts store this morning to meet with Noah, the groomer there. He was absolutely wonderful with her. She was calm, quiet, and this was the least stressful grooming session she has ever had. So many only think to contact companies when there is a problem, but it is so nice to be able to tell when good things happen. Noah is a keeper, and we will be returning to him often from now on.
Thank you,