Thursday, December 4, 2014


Neighbor Rebecca wrote to tell us of her 8-year-old chocolate lab, Daisy.  Now, it seemed that Daisy held a not-so-favorable opinion of dog groomers until she met Kristy, a groomer at our St. Clair Shores, Michigan location.  Kristy worked hard to win Daisy's trust, took extra time and care to make sure she was comfortable.  Now, after all that effort, grooming time is all sunshine and roses for Daisy!  Rebecca couldn't be more grateful for this turn of events.  She writes:

I cannot say enough nice things about Kristy. She is wonderful with my 8-year-old chocolate lab, Daisy. Daisy used to love going to the groomer. About a year ago, when I took her to her usual former groomer, she had to be pulled in to the grooming area. Something had happened and no one had an answer for me. We tried again and she cried and wouldn't go. I could not make her go where she was afraid to be, a place she once loved . I called around and Kristy answered the phone at Pet Supplies Plus at 13 and Harper. I explained the situation and she set a date for Daisy to come in. 

Kristy took her time with Daisy and made her comfortable. The first visit was quite long as Daisy was very nervous. Through out the year, the visits became shorter. Daisy was always happy to see Kristy, but not happy when I left. She would have red eyes from crying when I picked her up. 

Last week, Daisy came in for her grooming. She was a bit nervous but followed me into the front room. Kristy took off the leash and put on the harness. Daisy willing left with her. No crying or shaking. When I came to pick her up, she was happy, her eyes bright and clear, no tears on her face. When we were going to leave, she ran back to kiss Kristy. It may not seem like a big deal to others, but to my husband and I, this was huge. Daisy is a typical lab, happy to see everyone and go everywhere. To see her gentle spirit was broken, and now restored is a wonderful gift. Kristy has the perfect personality for her career. Animals know who they can trust. Thank you so very much Kristy. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

KNOWLEDGEABLE, TRUSTWORTHY and NEIGHBORLY Service Makes Whitehall, PA Team Member a Big Fish in a Small Pond!

Our neighbor Nancy wrote to us from Whitehall, Pennsylvania to tell us how happy she was with the knowledgeable, neighborly service she received from Dustin.  Dustin was a font of knowledge when it came to ponds, goldfish, and keeping them healthy.  Nancy tells us:

Hello, I want to write about a wonderful experience I had today with Dustin in Whitehall, Pennsylvania. We've just installed a pond in our yard and purchasing some goldfish, he answered all my questions about feeding, heating, tips for us to do. Dustin is very knowledgeable and excellent customer service skills, he truly seems to enjoy his position in the company and wants to help the customers. I will definitely be going back and checking with him for more tips on the pond and fish, I want to add heat this fall, he was giving me tips on that. I want to let you know what a wonderful, caring person he is and I do hope you appreciate such a qualified person to run the store! Quality customer service is hard to come by, most do not want to take the time, not with Dustin, excellent customer service skills and much knowledge. Thank you again Dustin, I'll be back for more fish and tips!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

NEIGHBORLY, TRUSTWORTHY Glendale, Wisconsin Team Does All the Heavy Lifting for a Neighbor In Need

Our neighbor Rachel wrote to us because she wanted to let us know how helpful the Glendale, Wisconsin team has been since her rotator cuff surgery.  Team members Jerry and Austin were not going to stand by and let our neighbor be conquered by those heavy bags of dog food.  Instead, they made the food manageable for her to lift, even after she arrived home.  Rachel tells us:

Jerry and Austin rock!

I am long overdue in writing to thank Jerry and Austin at your store at 5300 N. Port Washington, Rd. in Glendale, WI.

Since I had rotator cuff surgery in September and am unable to hoist the 30 pound bags of Fromm's dog food (salmon and chicken), both Jerry and Austin have been cutting the bags and loading the 10 pound plastic containers that you sell there with the food, making it manageable for me to take those from the car to the house.

It looks like it will be spring before I can start lifting that amount of weight again, so Jerry and Austin, thank you for your help the past two months and thank you for the months to come.

Please pass my appreciation on to them and to your corporate people as well.  My thanks again to Jerry and Austin, and to everyone at the Glendale store who is always very helpful!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Falls Church, Virginia Team is So PET-CENTRIC Dogs Shop There Without Owners!

We are all about pets, but usually they're not shopping in our stores alone!  Apparently the team at Falls Church made such a great impression on Luna that she returned even when her owner wasn't with her.  Luna's dad Rob wrote us to let us know how grateful he was to the Falls Church team for doing the right thing by his meandering pup.

Hi. I just wanted to thank and commend the employees of your store in Falls Church, VA. We had painters in our apartment while we were at work today and they let our dog Luna out. We occasionally walk to the Pet Supplies Plus store nearby, and Luna somehow remembered her way there and decided to go shopping. Seeing her walk in by herself, the employees turned off the automatic doors to catch her, got her on a leash and called us to let us know where she was and that she was OK. The kept her safe while I left work to come get her. We really appreciate the special care that they showed her. Thank you and your employees. 


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

NEIGHBORLY, KNOWLEDGEABLE Groomer in Streamwood, Illinois Goes the Extra Mile for Our Neighbor

Way to go, Cindy!
Here at Pet Supplies Plus we strive to provide a great experience for our neighbors, and Cindy in our Streamwood, Illinois store was a living example of this.  Just the other day, our neighbor Kerri stopped in for grooming services for her dog Jonah, and her experience was so pleasant that she's promised to return!  She told us in this note how little things really mean a lot:

I just wanted to pass on a compliment to the groomer who serviced my dog Jonah at the Streamwood location. Cindy went above and beyond to be helpful while dropping Jonah off - I had a baby in one arm and Jonah's leash in the other, she helped me to fill out the information form. I've worked in customer service before and just wanted to point out that she really put the extra effort into helping me. Cindy had a fabulous attitude. Jonah also got a lovely cut. I'll definitely come back.

Monday, November 3, 2014

It's Puppy Love for our Neighbor and KNOWLEDGEABLE, PET-CENTRIC and NEIGHBORLY Team Member in Columbia, SC

Neighbor Elizabeth took the time to write us about Emily in our Columbia, South Carolina store.  Emily was neighborly and knowledgeable in her efforts to help Elizabeth settle on just the right kind of food for her puppy.  Elizabeth wrote:

Emily is all about puppies and the people who own them!

I wanted to let you know how great one of your employees is. Her name is Emily. I went into my local store the other day. Emily noticed I was looking around at dog food. She asked if she could help me. I told her I needed puppy food. 

She was very well informed. She answered all my questions. She made several suggestions. She gave me time to think about what she said. She then came back to me and let me ask more questions. She was sharp, and patient (I am an older woman). It is rare to meet someone with her people skills and her knowledge of her products in any profession. She is an exceptional young woman and will do well anywhere she works. She is top of the line. Grade A quality! You are fortunate to have such a fine person working for you. AND SHE IS NICE!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Neighbor Finds PET-CENTRIC, KNOWLEDGEABLE and NEIGHBORLY Battle Creek Team Member To Be a Breath of Fresh Air

Barb in our store operations department got a phone call from Neighbor Elaine the other day, who told Barb how pleased she was to be a loyal patron of our Pet Supplies Plus store in Battle Creek, Michigan.  She hadn't been a loyal customer until a day or so before that, but team member Aren went the extra mile to win her business.  Barb told us:

Excellent work, Aren!

I spoke with our neighbor Elaine about Aren today, and she told me a great story. Last week the power was out in part of Battle Creek. Elaine is a new fish owner and when there was no power she was worried that the fish would die without the air pump. Elaine called Petsmart  and got no help, she called Petco and got no help and she called PSP and got all the help she needed!

Aren told Elaine there were battery operated pumps and her store was out of them. She didn't stop there, though!  Aren called our Kalamazoo PSP to see if they had them in stock.  The Kalamazoo store had them.  But how to get one to Battle Creek for Elaine?

This is where Aren went the extra mile.  Because she lived in Kalamazoo, she told Elaine that it would be no problem to go pick up the pump and bring it back to the Battle Creek store the next morning.  Elaine said “You would do that for me?” and Aren said “Yes, that’s part of my job!” 

After that, Aren showed her how to test the water for her fish and gave her a lot of additional fish information. Elaine no longer shops at the competition and couldn't be more thrilled with her new neighbors at Pet Supplies Plus Battle Creek!